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Stanford Scientist Trying To Hack Into Hawking’s Brain

The desire to use robotics to help people regain mobility has been around for a few years now. Until recently the research has been moving along to help people regain mobility by implanting devices into people’s brains to pick up their electrical impulses and it has had varying degrees of success. Last month the announcement of a new arm that …

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Can the iBrain Read Stephen Hawking’s Thoughts?

As if out of a science fiction paperback, a team of California scientists have developed the world’s first portable brain scanner. Upon further development the innovative tool may be able to read a person’s mind. NeuroVigil’s Chairman Philip Low, named the instrument the iBrain and it is the world’s first mobile brain scanner. MIT’s Technical Review Board named Low as …

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Stephen Hawking Speaks On Fate Of Civilization

Stephen Hawking is a brilliant man, a theoretical physicist who is well-respected in the scientific community and who has written numerous books about the universe and man’s part in it. So when he talks, people tend to listen. That must have been front and center in the minds of filmmakers Mathieu Roy and Harold Crooks when they penned their documentary, …

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Stephen Hawking’s Brain Recorded by the ‘iBrain’

The New York Times published an article yesterday about the iBrain, a portable EEG device meant to record electricity in the brain. Using algorithms developed by Dr. Philip Low, the device could be able to decipher messages from the brain without any movement or speech required. Low is the CEO of NeuroVigil, Inc., the company developing the iBrain. The Times …

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