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Hulu Plus On Its Way To Wii And Nintendo 3DS Hulu Plus On Its Way To Wii And Nintendo 3DS

Hulu announced that Hulu Plus will soon be coming to the Nintendo Wii and 3DS systems. In a blog post, Hulu writes: We are working hard to make sure you can get Hulu Plus on every internet-connected video screen in …

Hulu No Longer for Sale Hulu No Longer for Sale

There has been a lot of talk about who will be buying Hulu, and Google has been repeatedly named as a possibility for the one who would get it. It would, after all, fall in line with Google’s strategy of …

Who Will Acquire Hulu? Google, DISH & Amazon Reportedly Frontrunners Who Will Acquire Hulu? Google, DISH & Amazon Reportedly Frontrunners

Google has been mentioned as a possible suitor for a Hulu acquisition for a while now. In light of recent developments, it would still make sense. For example, recent reports indicate that Google is spending about $100 million to develop …

What Happens When Hulu Gets Acquired? What Happens When Hulu Gets Acquired?

Rumors about a potential Hulu acquisition have been running rampant. According to reports, Amazon, Dish, Google and Yahoo have bid or are close to bidding, and DirecTV is also reportedly considering submitting a bid. Valuations have ranged from $500 million …

Hulu Dominates Video Ads, Google Said to Be a Suitor Hulu Dominates Video Ads, Google Said to Be a Suitor

86% of the U.S. Internet audience viewed online video in July, according to new findings from comScore, who also reports that the duration of the average online video was 5.3 minutes. The average online video ad was half a minute. …

Netflix, Hulu Users Streaming Video in Vastly Different Ways Netflix, Hulu Users Streaming Video in Vastly Different Ways
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There is a fundamental distinction between Netflix users and Hulu users, and it goes far beyond who has more allegiance to 30 Rock. Netflix and Hulu users differ greatly in both how they stream their content and what content they …

Netflix Backlash Explodes On Facebook Netflix Backlash Explodes On Facebook
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The upcoming Netflix price increases has the Internet in an absolute tizzy. Their blog post announcing the upcoming price hikes quickly filled up with the 5000 comment limit, and although every comment wasn’t sifted through, the word “backlash” is absolutely …

Netflix Raises Prices, What’s Next For Users? Netflix Raises Prices, What’s Next For Users?
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Today, Netflix dropped the bomb that it was doing away with its unlimited streaming / DVD combo plan in favor of separate plans for each service. Users (myself included) that want unlimited streaming options as well as 1-DVD-at-a-time rental enjoy …

Hulu Owners Committed To Selling Hulu Owners Committed To Selling

It’s no secret that Hulu owners are eager to sale the popular TV and movie streaming service. Sadly, they’re main focus is getting the top dollar amount, not who will be purchasing the service. The future of Hulu is at …

Hulu Plus on Android Now a Reality Hulu Plus on Android Now a Reality

Hulu Plus has made its way to Android, which could be key in its competition with other players like Netflix, who also recently launched Android support. Like Netflix, however, Android support doesn’t mean availability for all Android devices. Only certain …

Is Dave Chappelle Coming To Netflix? Is Dave Chappelle Coming To Netflix?

“Haters wanna hate, lovers wanna love. I don’t even want, none of the above. I wanna see Dave Chappelle back on my television screen by any means necessary.” Yes, I’ve altered the lyrics to Chappelle’s epic R Kelly spoof, “Piss …

Hulu, Networks to Reach New Deal Hulu, Networks to Reach New Deal

It looks like Hulu will remain a strong force in the streaming content wars. The company is apparently very close to a new deal with its company overlords News Corp., Disney and NBC Universal to continue to stream FOX, NBC …

Hulu CEO Forecasts 2011 Revenue Of $500 Million
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Prior to its launch, more than a few prominent bloggers predicted that Hulu would fail, and it was dubbed "Clown Co." in certain circles.  Now, Hulu CEO Jason Kilar has forecast that his organization will earn somewhere in the neighborhood of $500 million in ad revenue this year (see update).

Hulu To Show TED Conference Clips

TED conferences are elite – and well-respected – events.  People are so eager to attend them that tickets costing $6,000 each are snapped up in no time at all.  Only now, videos of many TEDTalks will be available for free through Hulu and Hulu Plus.

Admittedly, this isn’t too huge a breakthrough in one sense; 886 video clips have already been posted at ted.com/talks, so anybody who knew what he (or she) was looking for was almost sure to find it.

VEVO Second Only To YouTube In January

A total of 171 million U.S. Internet users watched online video in January for an average of 14.5 hours per viewer, according to the latest report from comScore.

Criterion Collection Comes To Hulu Plus

Film students, movie buffs, and people who are simply budget-minded now have more reason than ever to join Hulu Plus.  A new deal will see hundreds of Criterion Collection movies become available through the service without commercial interruption and at no extra charge.

The Criterion Collection is legendary in some circles.  Since 1984, it’s specialized in high-quality editions of rare, critically acclaimed films.  Prices can top $100 per movie, and sometimes just hundreds of copies are sold.

Stewart, Colbert Return To Hulu

Eleven months ago, The Daily Show and The Colbert Report were pulled from Hulu.  Fans complained in response.  Now the shows are back thanks to a wider deal between Hulu and Viacom, and Hulu’s CEO, Jason Kilar, has also revealed some interesting stats and opinions regarding the site’s performance and the future of television.

Hulu Recaptures Spot On List Of Top Video Sites

New numbers are out with respect to the U.S. online video landscape, and, to be perfectly honest, they’re quite similar to the old numbers.  But according to comScore, at least one noteworthy thing happened in December: Hulu made its way back onto a top ten list.

Hulu’s been on the edge as of late.  In October, it came in tenth among video sites in terms of total unique viewers.  Then Hulu, despite all the backing it’s received from ABC, Fox, and NBC, was absent from the November list.

Hulu Plus To Become Available On Some Android Phones

Individuals who both own an Android phone and subscribe to Hulu Plus are perhaps not the poorest folks around (food and shelter tend to come before data plans and entertainment services), but soon enough, they may get more for their money.  Hulu Plus is supposed to become available on certain Android phones sometime this year.

“Daily Show,” “Colbert Report” May Return To Hulu
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Two TV shows famous for reporting the day’s news to hilarious effect may soon return to Hulu.  Rumor has it that important people at both Hulu and Comedy Central are making an effort to bring "The Daily Show" and "The Colbert Report" back to the site.

The shows were pulled in March of this year after Hulu was unable to secure the rights to keep presenting them.  Reports indicated that Comedy Central wanted monetary payments in advance of whatever ad revenue episodes generated.

Hulu Attributes Unexpected Revenue Growth To Hulu Plus

Early reviews of Hulu Plus weren’t too favorable, with most folks coming to the conclusion that Netflix was a better deal.  The newer service has cut its price and improved its content selection, however, and as a result, apparently caught on to the point that it helped Hulu earn an unanticipated $20 million.