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Arianna Huffington Responds to Questionable Lawsuit Arianna Huffington Responds to Questionable Lawsuit
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As reported earlier this week, a group of writers who contributed free content to The Huffington Post are suing the publication and AOL (which recently acquired it) based on claims that they are owed money, as the Huffington Post has …

Huffington Post and AOL Face Class Action Suit Over Contributed Content Huffington Post and AOL Face Class Action Suit Over Contributed Content
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The Huffington Post has been on the receiving end of a lot of criticism – more so since the announcement that it would be acquired by AOL, and that that it would essentially run AOL’s entire content business. A great …

AOL Ditches Freelancers, The Engadget Story Continues AOL Ditches Freelancers, The Engadget Story Continues
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Once the announcement came that AOL was acquiring The Huffington Post, all sorts of interesting developments started happenging throuhgout the world of AOL content, and the trend continues. For one, the Huffington Post Media Group (the new media entity that …

Huffington Post Co-Founder Launching Digital Media Company

Ken Lerer is not wasting any time.  Less than a month after selling The Huffington Post to AOL for $315 million, he has busied himself with a new digital media start-up. His new company is called Bedrocket Properties, and Lerer …

Huffington Post Draws the Line Between Journalists and Bloggers
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AOL has been a fascinating company to watch over the last several months as it moves further and further away from its legacy as a dial-up ISP to a content machine. There have been internal tiffs, mass layoffs and general …

Biz Stone Joins Huffington Post, AOL As Strategic Adviser

Biz Stone, who could already count himself the cofounder of Twitter, a former senior specialist at Google, and a former creative director at Xanga (among other things) can now add one more title to his resume.  This morning, the Huffington …

Huffington Post Officially Part of AOL
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Things are moving very quickly at AOL these days. Just a month after its announcement, the company has closed its acquisition of The Huffington Post. Along with that announcement comes the addition of some more editorial staff,  including Senior Media Reporter …

Huffington Post Contributor Goes On Strike, Huffington Doesn’t Care
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Clearly AOL’s purchase of The Huffington Post has created some ripples within AOL. The company has lost several high profile execs and editors since the acquisition. It appears some ripples have been created within the Huffington Post’s ecosystem itself as …

AOL Loses Another High Profile Exec
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AOL has made some bold acquisitions lately – most notably that of The Huffington Post. Since then, however, the company has been losing some key staff members. 

Another Shake-Up in the AOL Content Leadership Department

AOL recently lost a couple of editors of its popular gadget blog Engadget. Now, an even bigger player in the company’s content strategy is leaving. President of AOL Media and Studios, David Eun told staff he is leaving the company in an email. The letter started:

Engadget Editor: AOL Has Its Heart in the Wrong Place with Content
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Outsiders have been wondering how all of the content properties AOL has been buying up will hold up as part of the media giant. Engadget has been part of AOL for quite a while, having been purchased in 2005 – some time before AOL’s real push for mass content, most recently punctuated by its purchase of The Huffington Post.

AOL’s strategy appears to be taking its toll on some of its content producers. Engadget Editor Paul Miller announced his resignation last night, and left no room for speculation about the reason. 

Stephen Colbert Mocks The Huffington Post, Starts “Colbuffington Re-Post”
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Stephen Colbert recently made fun of the Google vs. Bing debate, and now he’s taken on the Huffington Post’s content strategy, which has been in the news a lot since its acquisition by AOL. 

Huffington Post Reporter: Critics Have it All Wrong

The Huffington Post has taken a lot of criticism since the announcement of its acquisition by AOL. Much of this has been more aimed at Google as part of the whole content farm debate (though nobody is really saying the quality of Huffington Post’s content is as poor as some known content farms). It’s more about search results being saturated by content from a handful of companies. 

Huffington Post Attracts New Round of Criticism
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Earlier this week, I asked how much content is too much? The premise is that the web and search engine results are being saturated with content in all areas, and most of it is coming from a handful of companies – companies like Demand Media and AOL/Huffington Post. 

How Much Content is Too Much?
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As you probably know by now, AOL has purchased The Huffington Post to further bolster its growing content business. HuffPost co-founder Arianna Huffington (now Editor-in-Chief of all AOL Content) said following the announcement, that earlier this year, the company was looking to expand local sections, launch international sections, add more original videos, and additional sections that would "fill in some gaps" in HuffPost’s current offerings.

Why Did Yahoo Miss the Huffington Post Boat?

Kara Swisher broke the news after the Super Bowl that AOL has purchased the Huffington Post for $315M with Arianna Huffington becoming the Editor in Chief in charge of AOL’s content properties. Techcrunch also has the internal AOL memo about the deal.

AOL Adds The Huffington Post To Its Growing Content Factory
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AOL has acquired The Huffington Post, one of the biggest content networks on the web, for $315 million. HuffPo co-founder Arianna Huffington is now editor-in-chief of all of AOL’s content properties. 

The move is the latest, and possibly the boldest move AOL has made into the content production industry. AOL counts The Huffington Post, TechCrunch, Engadget, Autoblog, Fanhouse, Patch, and Seed among its major content properties. Other recent AOL acquisitions include About.me and Goviral. 

Huffington Post Shares Ways to Get an Audience Engaged
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WebProNews had a few words with Huffington Post Chief Revenue Officer James Smith recently, and talked a little bit about what makes the social news site so popular. Why do you think the Huffington Post is so popular? Share your thoughts.

Explaining Blogging to Jon Stewart
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Ariannna Huffington, the renowned blogger and founder of the Huffington Post, who once campaigned against the Terminator for Governor of California, appeared on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart last Wednesday to talk about cheese, blogging, and the new Huffington Post Complete Guide to Blogging book.