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Bing Maps Integration Comes to Hotmail

Microsoft has launched some new Bing Maps integration with Hotmail. When Hotmail users create a new email message, they can insert Bing Maps data.

When a user selects "Maps and Places", a task pane opens, which lets you add new locations or interact with previously defined locations. It will default to the address you have in your Windows live profile. If you add a new place, you can store it in a Bing Maps collection and pick it from a list later.

All Hotmail Users Now Have the New Version
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Microsoft announced that it has completed the roll out of its new Hotmail experience. All customers have now been upgraded.

MySpace Comes to Hotmail, Windows Live Messenger
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MySpace has announced integration with Windows Live Messenger and Hotmail. The beta integration is rolling out to mutual users of the two services starting today.

"By integrating core features of both platforms, users will be able to discover what their friends are doing online through photos and the activity stream across social networks," says MySpace’s Manu Rekhi.

Microsoft Previews New Hotmail Upgrade
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Microsoft has introduced a preview of its Hotmail email service aimed at reducing inbox clutter and winning over users of other rival services such as Yahoo mail and Gmail.

Key highlights of the revamped Windows Live Hotmail include the ability to create and edit Office documents right in the inbox, view new emails from friends, social network updates, shipments and appointments upon logging in.

Compete Documents Hotmail Dominance

If you ever set out to collect personal email addresses at a tech gathering, here’s a tip: generally speaking, you can save time by typing or writing out the "@gmail" part before approaching people.  But Compete provided a bit of a reality check today by showing that Hotmail remains in the top spot overall.

Rapleaf Looks At Age, Gender Of Email Users
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It’s often interesting to learn about a product or service’s users – particularly when you are one.  Maybe you’ll find that your stylish small car is popular with old ladies, for example.  Or that your taste in TV shows mirrors that of eight-year-old boys.  Anyway, Rapleaf recently took a look at this concept as it applies to email.

Windows Live Gets MySpace Activity Updates
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Microsoft and MySpace announced that Windows Live will now begin broadcasting MySpace user activity streams to the Windows Live Platform via MySpaceID. What this means is that users of Windows Live, Windows Live Messenger, and Hotmail, who are also MySpace users, will be able to see their friends':

Gmail Knocks AOL Out of the Way in Race to the Top
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Gmail has reportedly become the third largest web-based email service in the United States. According to data from comScore, Gmail has surpassed AOL’s email service.

This data shows that in July Gmail had 37 million unique visitors, while AOL had 36.4 million. If this data is accurate, and Gmail continues to grow, that just leaves Windows Live Hotmail and Yahoo Mail left for it to tackle.

Search Bing From Hotmail Inbox to Insert Content
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Microsoft announced today that Bing has been added to Windows Live Hotmail’s quick add feature, which itself was announced back in February. This means Hotmail users can easily search Bing for items to insert into email messages.

Users can each for maps, restaurants, movie times, images, videos and business listings from their inboxes. They can also preview and insert videos and images from the web.

Gmail Really Wants You to Switch Email Providers
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Gmail will now let you import email and contacts from other email providers like Yahoo, Hotmail, and AOL (and a bunch more. Full list at the bottom of the article). This means that if you have an old account that you’d like to merge into your Gmail account, you can do so.

It also means (and this is what Google is pushing for) that users of other services can easily start new Gmail accounts without abandoning everything they have built up with another provider. Google is making the switch more enticing.

Gmail Makes Changes to Contacts
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Google has announced four changes to Gmail’s contact manager. Each change is a feature to enhance the service’s usability.

Yahoo Doesn’t Seem Worried About Gmail
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Gmail is growing rapidly. Yahoo has long dominated the race against Microsoft’s Hotmail and Google’s Gmail, but Gmail is on pace to overthrow the other two. I got in touch with Yahoo Mail’s VP John Kremer to try and find out some expectations Yahoo has for Yahoo Mail.

Hotmail Rolls Out New Features
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Microsoft’s Windows Live Hotmail or just Hotmail to most, has seen a number of improvements in recent memory. Most notably it got an updated look, and they made everything faster.

Now they are rolling out a number of new features, which if users aren’t seeing yet, they will be very soon. New features include:

Hotmail Team Getting Ready For Hotmail
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The Windows Hotmail Team has been responding to users feedback on the recent updates to Windows Live Hotmail.

The Hotmail Team says it has fixed problems surrounding using larger text size in the browser, viewing favorite contacts and accessing Hotmail from Firefox on Linux.

The next update to Hotmail is scheduled for mid-December and will focus on how scrolling works.

Open IDs Get Support From Google

I’ll admit it. I’ve put off purposefully joining Open ID for no real reason. But now, whether we want to or not, you and I (well, I’m guessing you are, anyway) are being jumped in to the world of Open ID. Because not only are Yahoo Mail and Windows Live Mail (aka Hotmail) joining the Open ID ranks, allowing their logins to become Open ID logins, but so is Gmail.

Hotmail Outage Resolved?
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Microsoft said late Tuesday that it had resolved the issue that kept many users from accessing many of its online services for most of the day.

Hotmail Founder Seeking Lawsuit from Microsoft?

Sabeer Bhatia, co-founder of Hotmail (which he sold to Microsoft) is now trying to take on Microsoft Office and Google Docs, launching an online office suite.

While that in and of itself is a perfectly fine (albeit difficult) project, Sabeer’s methods are surprisingly self-destructive. His Live Documents site (a name that makes you think of Microsoft’s Office Live) uses Office 2007’s “Ribbon” interface, designed in Flex, to power document editing, spreadsheets and presentations.

Yahoo, Microsoft Cut Email Services In Iran
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Yahoo and Microsoft have taken Iran off the country lists of their email services as the U.S. has imposed tougher sanctions on the Islamic country.

Hotmail Smartens Up Contact Management
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Several updates to Microsoft’s Hotmail service should start rolling into user accounts; expanded storage, speed tweaks, and smarter contact handling rank among the improvements.

Gmail Users Among Cream Of The Crop

According to some new statistics, Gmail users are young, rich, and tech-savvy (or younger, richer, and savvier than users of Yahoo Mail and Hotmail, at least).  Gmail’s market share is also steadily – and quickly – rising.  Yet there’s some bad news for the Mountain View team, as well: their product is getting trounced overall.

Microsoft Promoting Email To Advertisers

The opening of Windows Live Hotmail also comes with a push from Microsoft as the company tries to sway more advertisers to the product.