Monster Announces HotJobs Acquisition

Monster Announces HotJobs Acquisition

By Doug Caverly February 3, 2010 | 1 Comment

Yesterday and this morning, reports indicated that Yahoo wasn’t having much luck selling its small business unit and HotJobs.  HotJobs has, however, found a new home.  This afternoon, Monster announced that it’s agreed to acquire the property for $225 million, and Monster’s reached a traffic agreement with Yahoo, too.

Yahoo Gets REAL With Job Search Rankings

A new system for ranking listing on Yahoo HotJobs debuted with the promise of better relevance and service for job seekers, recruiters, and the members of Yahoo’s consortium of newspaper publishers.

Kaango Enchants Two Yahoo HotJobs Partners

Although Hearst Corp and MediaNews Group are linchpins in Yahoo’s newspaper/online classified alliance, the two publishers have made an investment in online classified ad provider Kaango.

Yahoo Boosts Newspaper Group Membership

Seventeen more newspapers signed on with Yahoo to participate in its classifieds program where HotJobs provides the job listings.

Yahoo Newspaper Alliance Shaky?

As fresh members signed on, the Yahoo Newspaper Consortium helped a lot of companies achieve some impressive gains.  Yet there’s now a concern that nothing else will happen.

Yahoo Saving The Newspaper Industry

All of those deals Yahoo made with newspaper publishers seem to be yielding positive results for the world of print media.

Top Web Sites Have Retention, Overlap

Nielsen//NetRatings has announced the leaders in three Web categories. Search, career development and multi-category travel have had high month- over- month visitor retention rates from June to July, but also had audience overlap with other competitors in their categories.

Another Yahoo Exec Hits ‘Eject’

Pamela Thompson Johnston becomes the latest Yahoo executive to leave the portal company in recent months.

GateHouse Opens Door To Yahoo HotJobs

When I first learned of this development, I was led to believe that it involved over 1,200 newspapers.  It doesn’t – the deal actually affects less than 300.  But that’s still noteworthy, and so, without further ado, I’d like to inform you that Yahoo HotJobs and GateHouse Media have forged a partnership.

Yahoo Loses HotJobs Power Broker
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Dan Finnegan will leave Yahoo at the end of June, after having worked on building the newspaper consortium that places Yahoo ads and local search on paper websites.

Yahoo Says Americans Work Too Much

Usually, when I go home for the day, I unplug. Unplugging means not even jacked in wirelessly: cell phone is off; computer (if I can help it) is off; laptop is off. The same goes for the weekend; if you want to get a hold of me, it can wait until Monday. Home is home, work is work, and I’m quite strict about their separation.

Yahoo, Job Network Partner
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Yahoo’s HotJobs division and the Job Network have entered into a partnership designed to aid newspapers in posting employment advertising to the HotJobs Web site, the third largest job site on the Web.

"We believe this agreement will help the nation’s community newspapers protect and enhance their leadership role in recruitment/employment advertising," said Marc Wilson, president of The Job Network. "Newspapers hold the traditional role of serving their communities’ advertising needs. This alliance should strengthen that role."

Ha Ha, HotJobs Advertises On Craigslist

Imitation may be the sincerest form of flattery, but paying a competitor to do your job for you may be the most definitive form.

Yahoo HotJobs Frozen Out Of Canada

A partnership with Workopolis will put Hotjobs on the sidelines in Canada while giving Yahoo listings from the dominant job board in the Great White North.

Yahoo Says You Want A New Job

See the woman in the next cubicle, crunching hard on a spreadsheet? Don’t be fooled. She’s working the job search sites like a machine.

Yahoo’s HotJobs Partnering With 176 Papers

The company’s deal with seven newspaper groups will give Yahoo a possible extension beyond job classifieds to working with publishers on contextual ads, local search, and other revenue generating possibilities.

Yahoo! HotJobs Books Hot Off The Presses

First on the Web, now at Barnes & Noble, Yahoo! announced today the release of three books designed to help job seekers improve their chances of placement and career success. The series is authored by Yahoo! HotJobs in-house career experts Dan Finnigan and Marc Karasu and published by Sterling Publishing.