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Douglas Adams Honored with Interactive Google Doodle Douglas Adams Honored with Interactive Google Doodle
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Today, Google is honoring English author Douglas Adams with a fun little interactive Doodle. Adams began his writing career in the mid 1970s and soon got a break writing for Monty Python. Soon after this small job, Adams was forced …

Dolphin “Stampede” Caught on Video
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For most Americans, seeing dolphins is something that happens at Sea World or another aquatic-themed amusement park. Some are lucky enough to swim with a few dolphins on their honeymoon. Some tourists on a recent whale and dolphin sighting expedition …

Yahoo Helps Give Cloud Computing A Huge Boost

Yahoo and Computational Research Laboratories (CRL) want to support cloud computing research, and they’re doing more than dedicating a couple of spokespeople (or even a room full of engineers) to the cause.  The two companies will instead work with the fourth fastest supercomputer in the world.