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Hiring an Ideas Guy

As more and more content is created there are more publishers than there are good ideas, which means publishers are hungry to spread the few good ideas that exist. What separates a profitable channel from a money loser is typically two things: ideas and execution.

Because I have been posting about a more diverse set of topics sometimes outside of SEO I get asked lots of business strategy questions.

Technology Worker Shortage, Everyone on Bandwagon

This week Price Waterhouse Coopers (PWC) released a report on the state of high tech hiring, and it is really truly a must read.

Google Adjusting Its Hiring Process

The Wall Street Journal has an article today about how Google is adjusting its hiring process following years of criticism, as its needs for a ton of more employees have outstripped its desire to put every candidate through hell.

Google Not Having Luck Hiring In India

The Times Of India reports that Google has had trouble finding enough quality talent to hire for its Indian offices.

Technical CEOs Hiring Sales Reps

The hiring of salespeople is often one of the most frustrating aspects of staffing a high tech enterprise.

Google Opens China; Hiring In Japan

Kai-Fu Lee and company now have new office space available to them in China. Meanwhile, Google has begun searching for more engineers in Japan to work on new mobile technologies.

Time to Fix the Bugs?

Almost two years ago I wondered about the negative aspects of companies like IBM and HP trying to control Linux by hiring top Linux developers.

Google Techtalks

Lauren Weinstein posted a video of a presentation he made at Google a few weeks ago and I noticed he made reference to the search phrase “Google techtalks” on Google Video.

Review: An Aid for the Hiring Process

Monster is offering a free tool called the Monster Companion, which brings direct access to Monster to your desktop. This can be very convenient for employers looking to post jobs and hire new people.

Google Ramps Up Chicago Hiring

The search engine company has been rumored to be prepping a foray into advertising in a Chicago newspaper, and some job openings in Chicago could indicate Google’s focus there.

Yahoo! Hiring a Blogmaster in Southern California

I spotted this post on the Digital Squeeze today, which links to a job posting on Craigslist …

Biggest Boost in IT Hiring Since 2002

Robert Half Technology conducted a study among 1,400 CIOs and found that 16% of them plan to hire full-time IT staffs in the fourth quarter, while 4% plan to reduce their staffs.

This Just In: Steve Ballmer Doesn’t Like Google

Apparently, when a Microsoft employee leaves Redmond for the Google pastures, the MS management team, or at least one in particular, does not react in a pleasant manner.

Google Wallet May Be Hiring

A job posting could be the beginning of the Google Wallet unveiling, or it could be a need for a pointy-haired boss type to handle ad billing issues.

It May Be Time to Walk in an Employers Shoes

If you are in a job search and aren’t receiving viable hits, it’s time to walk a mile in an employer’s shoes.

Google Fires Back At Microsoft

It appears as if the competition between Microsoft and Google is about to step-up in intensity at least from a legal standpoint.

Microsoft Sues Google Over Chinese Hire

Microsoft has filed a lawsuit against Google and Dr. Kai-Fu Lee, claiming that Lee broke his contract with the Windows giant by jumping ship to the search giant.

Micosoft Fires Back At Google R&D Hiring

“If you join em, we’ll sue em” seems to be the attitude Microsoft is adopting towards chief rival Google (sorry Mac users) at least when they are dealing with MS employees jumping ship to join the Google family.

Five Secrets To Successful Interviewing and Hiring

The technical communications profession involves a unique mix of technical and communication skills, which is not easy to find.

Hiring a Great Copywriter Can Be a Challenge

There are a lot of good writers out there. There are even a lot of great writers out there. But a copywriter- a great copywriter, does more than just write. A great copywriter has the ability to write persuasively, research facts, and think in terms of the “total marketing piece”- because copy is only a part of the ad, brochure, website, or flyer.

5 Psychological Triggers For Hiring Employers.

While job seekers focus on the factors that they are specifically seeking in their role, namely income, benefits, title, responsibilities and location among others, employers are looking at the recruitment role quite differently.