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More Execs Thought To Be Leaving Yahoo
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Never mind talk of Yahoo employees finding the door marked "exit"; it’s almost starting to seem like they’re willing to jump out the nearest window, instead.  And the next people to depart will be high-ranking execs whose departures could affect Carol Bartz’s stay, according to a new report.

Yahoo Forms Digital Advisory Council
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Yahoo said today that it has created Digital Advisory Council that will be made up of industry executives from its agency and advertising partners.

Yahoo says the council will work to explore the ongoing evolution of digital media and online advertising.

Yahoo Pulls On The Reorg Boots

One executive moves out, another gains a little more power, and a new division comes into being, as co-founder and CEO Jerry Yang’s reorganization efforts reshuffle Yahoo.

Yahoo May Announce New Sales VP

Ah, rumors – they’re often difficult to report, never mind analyze.  Yet here you are: Gregory Coleman, Yahoo’s executive vice president of global sales, may be replaced by Hilary Schneider.  And this personnel move may be an example of favoritism among executives, or it could demonstrate how desperate Yahoo is to reverse a downward slide.