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Ultra HD TV Market to Improve Next Year Ultra HD TV Market to Improve Next Year

After the revolution of high-definition television, TV manufacturers began searching for the next big feature that will raise the TV market. 3D-enabled TVs have failed to catch on in a big way, held back by the annoying requirement of glasses …

The Xbox One Won’t Support SDTVs, Only Has HDMI Out
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Do Xbox 360 owners still play games on an SDTV? Minecraft players proved they do, but it looks like Microsoft will be ignoring them with the Xbox One. GimmeGimmeGames reports that the Xbox One only sports an HDMI out. That …

YouTube Unveils High Definition Category Page

YouTube now has a page listing videos specifically available in high definition. Also, these HD videos now open in a larger player than before, pushing features like comments, the ad box, or related videos down the page a bit. Note you still need to click “watch in HD” when on the video page.

Dailymotion Defines HD Playback

High definition video content placed on the Dailymotion website will be re-encoded to 720p for an improved viewing experience.