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Emma Watson Says She’s Not Dating Prince Harry

Emma Watson, despite the hopes and dreams of everyone on the planet, is decidedly NOT dating Prince Harry. Sigh…I know. I had images of Hermione Emma Watson becoming royalty just like everyone else. The story goes, when Prince Harry heard that Emma Watson and her British rugby player boyfriend Matthew Janney broke up at the end of last year, he …

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Emma Watson Covers ‘Elle,’ Talks Jealousy

Emma Watson is stunning on the April cover of Elle magazine–even if she is decked out in denim. The shirt that is unbuttoned way down to there–well not there, but enough to entice–turns denim from drab to haute couture. And Watson’s tiny waist is accentuated with a belt that adds just enough bling to an otherwise boring ensemble. The sexy …

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J.K. Rowling Second Guessing Harry Potter Ending

Seven years after the Harry Potter saga came to an end, author J.K. Rowling has revealed some interesting information. For those of you who followed the series to its completion, you already know that two of the main characters Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger ended up romantically involved. While many loved the ending, more people were upset that Hermione did …

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