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“Herman Melville Books,” Rather Than “Moby-Dick,” Is Google’s Doodle Query

Update: They’ve actually changed the query to “herman melville books” rather than just “herman melville”. It still takes you to the Herman Melville Knowledge Graph results. You can still see has it pointing to “herman melville”. As previously reported, Google is running a doodle honoring author Herman Melville and the 161st anniversary of the original publish date of his …

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Herman Melville Gets The Google Doodle Treatment

Herman Melville, the author of Moby-Dick, is the subject of a new Google. Actually the book itself is really the subject, as a mouse-over indicates (not to mention the image itself), but if you click on the doodle, you’re taken to Google’s search results for the author. The day marks the 161st anniversary of the book’s publication. It was originally …

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