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Alternative Breaking Bad Ending Is Hilarious

Scroll down for the video. Yes, Breaking Bad is over – it ended backed in September, but even then we’re still getting remnants of the beloved series despite its conclusion. A lot of people became more familiar with Bryan Cranston as an actor when Malcolm in the Middle first broadcasted back on January 9, 2000 on FOX. He played Hal, …

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The Heisenberg Mask Bryan Cranston Wore at Comic-Con Is Now on eBay

I’m sure you recall this year’s Comic-Con, where Bryan Cranston did that awesome thing where he put on a lifelike, rubber Heisenberg (Walter White) mask and walked around the floor for a couple of hours. Everybody thought it was just some dude in a really awesome Heisenberg mask, but it was actually Bryan Cranston. How freaking cool was that? He …

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