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HDTV Displays May Soon Go “Quantum”

Ultra HD displays are quickly becoming the norm in high-end tech products with displays, and the technology is even poised to become more affordable in the near future. Most of these high-resolution displays will be similar to current high-definition LCD displays, but manufacturers are courting several new technologies that that may outperform current displays in the future. One of these …

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4K TV And Why You Should Probably Wait To Buy One

Some Americans take “keeping up with the Joneses” to a different level when it comes to the latest technology. Often it’s about having the item just to say they bought it rather than being certain they’re getting their money’s worth. This isn’t the most sensible approach to purchasing new tech items, particularly televisions. It’s been noted that television sales have …

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TV Sales Expected to Decline This Holiday Season

HDTV sets are now ubiquitous throughout the U.S., with high quality, low cost sets available at retail locations across the country. While good for consumers, manufacturers are now scrambling to find a way to get consumers to spend money on TV hardware more often than once every handful of years. The jump to 4K could provide the needed boost for …

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LCD Panel Demand Weakening, Says Analyst

Tech manufacturers are now gearing up for production runs of fall and holiday product launches. Those plans, however, have not translated to high demand for large-sized LCD panels, defined as those 7-inches or larger. Analyst firm IHS is now estimating that the supply of large-sized LCD panels will exceed demant by 15.9% from July to September. The oversupply is predicted …

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60-Inch Apple TV Rumored Yet Again

Is it finally coming? Finally, really, in real life coming? Those are the questions that have been surrounding the rumored (at this point mythic) Apple HDTV. Yearly predictions about the manufacture and shipping of an Apple ‘iTV‘ have repeatedly been proven false. Last year, cable companies were (plausibly) blamed for the product’s delay after pressing for a large amount of …

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LG Sells Over 100 of Its 55-Inch OLED TVs

That seems like a silly headline until you realize that LG’s 55-inch OLED TVs sell for over $10,000. That means those 100 TV sets brought in over $1 million for LG. The Korean electronics manufacturer has begun selling pre-orders for its OLED TVs, which it debuted at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show. At the time, the TVs were reported to …

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