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Harvard Monkeys Die – Minimal Fine For Cruelty

Tens of thousands of deaths of primates and other animals occur each year due to animal testing, also known as vivisection. After the death of four primates that included two cotton-top tamarins, a critically endangered primate species, Harvard was issued a fine due to animal cruelty by federal regulators. Others of various species were also subjected to inhumane cruelty, including …

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Harvard Creates Paper Robots That Run Off Air

Researchers at Harvard University have discovered a way to use paper to manufacture robots that can produce semi-complicated actions via air channels called pneuNets. The group, which is lead by Professor George Whitesides, utilizes silicones to create tiny air channels (or Balloons) that can lift weight up to 120 times their own. Ramses Martinez, a Postdoctoral researcher at Harvard comments …

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