Google Most Reputable in Harris’ Annual RQ Poll

Google Most Reputable in Harris’ Annual RQ Poll

By Josh Wolford May 3, 2011

Harris Interactive has just released its annual Reputation Quotient Report, the survey that ranks top “visible” companies based on the U.S. general public’s impressions of the company’s reputation.  This year, we have a new most reputable company in America – …

Consumers Happy With Search And Supermarkets

Supermarkets and search engines tops Harris Interactive’s consumer poll this year, which sought out what industries best served the needs of their customers. Tobacco and oil companies scored the worst, joining airlines, pharmaceutical companies, health insurance, and HMO’s as the biggest overall losers in the past 10 years.

Over the past ten years, just three of the 21 industries measured have seen a positive increase in customer satisfaction, and in the past year, just six did, according to Harris. Fourteen industries went down this year.

Google Gets No Mention On Top Brands List

It’s somewhat surprising that this is Coca Cola’s first number one spot on Harris’s "Best Brands" poll, considering the amount of money the company spends on branding and the subsequent associations branding has built in the consumer mind.

Shoppers Want Quick Access To Online Information

The number of people who shop online continues to grow with 48 percent of consumers saying they have increased shopping online "a great deal" or "somewhat" in the past five years, according to a survey sponsored by RightNow Technologies conducted by Harris Interactive.

Mobile Internet Not Yet Mainstream

More than half (53%) of 16-to-24 year olds say they have used the mobile Internet and 36 percent say they do so at least once per week, according to a recent survey from Harris Interactive.

What Americans Think Of The iPhone

The anticipation of the launch of Apple’s iPhone has created plenty of buzz. A new survey from Harris Interactive takes a deeper look on what American think about the mother of all mobiles.

They found that the iPhone is not yet a household word but that 47 percent of respondents were aware of the product and 17 percent had an interest in buying it, which they noted was impressive for a product that has not yet been released.

Consumers Put Vista On Hold
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Since its launch on January 30th of this year, Windows Vista has been met with lukewarm fanfare by analysts and consumers alike. According to a Harris Interactive poll, only 12 percent of those who are aware of Vista actually plan to upgrade to the new operating system.

Will Consumers Accept Mobile Ads?
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Harris Interactive, a market research company has announced the results of new research into consumer acceptance of mobile phone advertisements. The research looked at current levels of consumer interest in mobile phone advertisements, preferred advertising methods and the willingness of consumers to be profiled.

Privacy And Mobile Technology

A new survey from Harris Interactive shows that US mobile phone users are concerned about privacy when it comes to location-based services and presence technology. These services, some of which are available, can tell where a person is physically located, what communication device they are using and how they can be reached.

How Teens Communicate Online And Off
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A new Harris Interactive poll called YouthQuery examines the way teens communicate using a variety of technologies such as the Internet, cell phone, text messaging and other forms of communication. According to Suzanne Martin, PhD, Youth and Education Researcher at Harris Interactive, “Teens utilize different modes of communication in different social contexts".

Mobile Users Open To Ads, Not To Land Lines

Mobile phone users are showing an increased interest in a give-and-take advertising system. According to Harris Interactive, 26 percent of mobile phone subscribers say they’d swap attention for free stuff.

Yahoo To Pester Aliens With Earth News

You gotta hand it to Yahoo. When they do a publicity stunt, they do it right. The Sunnyvale, Calif.-based company plans to beam a digitized time capsule into space from an ancient Mexican pyramid.

Office 2007 Feature Finder

As a great way of easing the transition from previous versions of Office, the Office 2007 team has created “Interactive Command Reference Guides”.

Office 2007 Beta: Later This Month

Jensen Harris drops the confirmation: Beta 2 (the public beta) of Office 2007 will hit later this month, joining the Windows Vista Beta 2, which is expected on May 22.

Office 2007 UI: Actually Smaller

I hate it when people look at the Office 2007 user interface and dismiss it out of hand, calling it too big.

Blogging on BlogOn, and at BlogOn

I am writing on BlogOn 2005 over at the AllBusiness PR Blog this week, and will be updating the posts here.

Most People Use Search To Shop

As we’ve discussed, more and more, the search engine industry is solidifying itself as an almost essential part of our daily lives. The amount of searches done in any given day (250 million Google searches per day in 2003) bears this thinking out.