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Amanda Bynes: Bong-Tossing Case Thrown Out

Amanda Bynes has one less legal issue weighing her down as she works to build herself a new life. Charges for reckless endangerment and marijuana possession stemming from an incident where the former Nickelodeon actress threw a bong out the …

Amanda Bynes Leaves Rehab for the Holidays

27-year-old Amanda Bynes has officially left rehab to join her family for the holidays. According to a statement from her mother’s attorney, Tamar Arminak, Bynes is, “feeling better every day.” It’s been a rocky road for the blonde beauty as …

YouTube Gets In-Video Advertising

Google’s finally settled on a way to monetize YouTube, announcing they will be inserting ad overlays at the bottom of media partner videos. With pre-sale bandwidth bill reported to be $1 million per month and a pending Viacom behemoth of a lawsuit, the monetization strategy comes none too soon.