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Typhoon Yolanda Makes Landfall in Philippines

The Philippines has been hit by ¬†powerful pacific storm, Haiyan, which is classified as a super typhoon. The typhoon brought sustained winds that were measured at more than 195 miles per hour before making landfall. The storm sustained one minute winds producing powerful puffs of 230 miles per hour. This typhoon is the most powerful typhoon to make a landfall …

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Anonymous Claims To Have Access To U.S.-Owned Classified Databases

Anonymous has changed a lot in the past few years from ragtag group of hackers to a massive force to be reckoned with. One of its more prolific members, Christopher Doyon, is now on the run from U.S. law enforcement after taking down the county Web site of Santa Cruz, California. He sat down with the National Post to reveal …

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Anonymous Makes The TIME 100 List

Anonymous caused an uproar last week when they pulled ahead of everybody else in the TIME 100 poll and claimed first place in the popular vote. There were accusations of the group using botnets to secure their place in history while others just said it was the sheer popularity of the collective that led to their victory. Either way, it …

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