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2,000 Doped Up Mice Dropped on Guam to Battle Snakes

Federal officials on Sunday dropped 2,000 mice full of painkillers onto the unincorporated western Pacific U.S. territory of Guam, in order to combat the invasive brown tree snake, which has devastated the bird population in the region. Shortly after World War II, the mildly venomous Boiga irregularis was accidentally transported from its native range in the South Pacific to Guam, …

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Two Thousand Mice Dropped On Guam to Kill Snakes

It was an odd site in Guam on Sunday, as two thousand mice floated down from the sky on tiny cardboard and tissue paper parachutes. Why were mice flying through the air? They were dropped from a plane over the Andersen Air Force Base in the United States territory of Guam on a mission to kill the brown tree snakes …

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Message in a Bottle Travels 6,200 Miles

Three years ago, with an uncertain future, Brittanie Penrose tossed a message sealed in a bottle into the Pacific Ocean. Little did she know that the bottle would make its way 6,200 miles across the Pacific Ocean. At the time the letter was written, Brittanie was battling brain cancer at the age of 24. She said that she had been …

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