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Nvidia Releases New Linux Drivers For Its GTX 600 Series

Valve announced today that the closed beta for Linux is now beginning for those lucky few who were selected out of the 60,000 applicants. Those players will be able to start playing native versions of games like Team Fortress 2, but the performance may be a little spotty if the drivers aren’t up to date. It’s a good thing Nvidia …

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Nvidia Set To Launch GeForce GTX 660Ti In August

Nvidia has been on fire lately. They have successfully launched the latest line of graphics cards in their 600 series and have continuously reduced the price of these cards through incremental downgrades that don’t seem to affect the performance whatsoever. Case in point: the 670 and 680 have negligible differences in power yet there’s a $100 price difference. The latest …

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Nvidia GeForce GTX 670Ti Specs Leaked

Nvidia made quite a splash last month with the launch of its new GTX 600 series line with the GTX 680. It was an impressive card that added many new features to PC gaming including automatic voltage control for a better gaming experience. The 680 was just one card out of many though and we’re still waiting for details on …

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Nvidia GeForce GTX 680 Launches Today

We’ve been hearing rumor after rumor and even a leaked review, but today is finally the day – the GeForce GTX 680 has officially launched. The leaked review from earlier this week confirmed the March 22 launch date. It also confirmed that the card was an absolute beast that easily bests the competition. Now we get the official word straight …

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Nvidia GeForce GTX 680 Review Leaked

Nvidia has been really tight lipped on its next generation of PC video cards. The same video cards that are meant to combat AMD’s head start with the HD7970. If an early leaked review from Tom’s Hardware is any indication, the card is well worth the wait. The best part – the wait is only two days. WCCF Tech got …

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