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Google Search Takes Graphs Into The Third Dimension

I have a confession to make – I hate math. Of course, as a writer, that shouldn’t be all that suprising. Most writers, as far as I understand, go into writing because we’re terrible at math and other practices that involve numbers. There was always one thing that I did like doing in math, however, and that was creating graphs. …

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Google Analytics Adds Graphing, E-Commerce

Another round of holiday goodies arrived from Google for webamsters, this time in the form of updates to the Google Analytics service.

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Facebook Bubble Cult Pushes Value To $100 Billion

Put your coffee down, you’ll spit it. Facebook cheerleaders, from within what must be a social networking tunnel (or cave?), have transformed themselves into prostrate worshipers, transubstantiating reason to whatever the digital equivalent is of 72 virgins.

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Adding Dynamically Generated Graphs/Charts to Web Pages and Applications

Not so very long ago adding a graph or chart to a web page or application required a fair amount of programming knowledge and was rather time consuming for even the most experienced.

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QuickBooks Q&A: Graphing Units Sold

Q: Can QuickBooks be configured to show graphs based on units sold (not sales $) and can Sales by Item reports be configured to show the total units sold in addition to total sales $?

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Scott Gregory Answers QuickBooks Questions

If you’re one of the two million small businesses using QuickBooks software, you’ve probably got questions. Scott Gregory provides insight to you on QuickBooks topics such as:

  • Figuring out the answer when clicking Help just doesn’t help
  • Understanding the various features and functionality of QuickBooks
  • Trying to figure out how to upgrade to a newer version of QuickBooks

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