Google Search Takes Graphs Into The Third Dimension

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I have a confession to make - I hate math. Of course, as a writer, that shouldn't be all that suprising. Most writers, as far as I understand, go into writing because we're terrible at math and other practices that involve numbers. There was always one thing that I did like doing in math, however, and that was creating graphs. Google made my day when they introduced graph creation in Search a few months back and now it's even better.

Google showed off their new graphing technology on the Search blog today. It uses WebGL, the Web's answer to creating 3D models and animations, to create a three-dimensional graph when students, or graph maniacs, plot out two variable functions into search.

Three-dimensional graph fun doesn't just stop at the creation of said graphs. Users can click on the graph to rotate, zoom and do all sorts of cool things with it. You can also edit the range in real time in the dialog boxes on the bottom right. To see it in action, check out this awesome "mountain" graph in 3D.

For you math heads out there, Google claims that students studying advance calculus will really benefit from the 3D modeling. I'm sure the math types out there are going to love this, but I just love making Christmas Trees in Google Search using the graph function.

As stated before, this new features runs off of WebGL. You're going to need a modern Web browser like Chrome or Firefox to take advantage of it. If you aren't using those browsers in the first place, this should be the tipping point for you to start using them. Nothing better than making 3D objects in your browser and watching them spin around.

It should be noted that the feature is now available on a global scale. Students everywhere can take advantage of the 3D graph modeling now. I don't know if it's going to make your math exploits any easier, but it will make the creation of math art far more interesting.

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