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Sufjan Stevens’ Open Letter to Miley Cyrus Needs to Be the Last Open Letter to Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus is probably tired of getting open letters. Actually, I know she is. I’m tired of people writing open letters to Miley Cyrus too. I’m sure you’re tired of Miley Cyrus, open letters, open letters to Miley Cyrus, and …

U.S. Navy’s Twitter Lesson on the Perils of Multiple Accounts U.S. Navy’s Twitter Lesson on the Perils of Multiple Accounts
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Business Insider picked up a peculiar tweet posted to the official Twitter account of the United States Navy this morning. Typically, @USNavy posts the types of things you might expect from an official account belonging to this particular branch of …

Grammatical Breakdown of Steven Seagal Movie Titles

What do you expect from a Steven Seagal movie? …aside from bad acting. I am talking about the typical archetype that defines a Steven Seagal action flick. The first thing you think of is the title. Most are two or …

Infographic Helps You Avoid Looking Stupid Online

Recently, we talked about three things that could make you look like an idiot online. One of those things was committing egregious grammar errors, especially if you have a business or are expected to present in a professional manner. We …

Google: Gender Privacy More Important Than Grammar Google: Gender Privacy More Important Than Grammar
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Any new product is bound to have elements that do not please everyone. Google+ is no exception. One of the more specific complaints that arose centered on users’ profiles and the “Gender” option. Some people were unhappy that Google+ forced …

WordPress Receives Grammar Check Plug-In

I’ve always maintained that it’s dangerous to take a single Marketing Pilgrim post and assume you understand our sentiment and bias towards any one company. If you read yesterday’s criticism of WordPress, you’d think we were “automattic” haters. 

Today, you’d be eating humble pie.

The Link-Building Battle: Directories Vs. Link Bait
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Directories are under fire, and a debate has ensued concerning just how badly they’ve been hit.  Yet despite an onslaught from social media sites and link bait, everyone seems to agree that directories still have some life in them.

A Plea To Online Grammar Butchers

This is a plea for the Language, pruned for the Internet, whittled down to bite-sized chunks, as naked as a tree in winter without the punctuation, spelling, or grammar required for, when the season’s full, expressing its own majesty. Instant messaging. andemail. done skrood it all up

When it’s Okay to Break Grammar & Design Rules

Will you break some of the sacred top ten Web Design Rules for Success if you create clumpy clusters of yellow text parked on an orange background, surrounded by bouncing hippos or cattle wearing shoes? It depends.

The Internet: Homonym Heaven

Have you ever visited a visually attractive site and then spotted phrases such as, “If your interested in learning more about our Websight, e-mail us,” or “This product comes with an unconditional guarantee. It’s high quality will make you’re life better!”? How about, “Body fat problems? We can help. Of coarse you need patients when it comes to reducing the access around you’re waste.”

Resources For Improving Grammar

I will shortly be bringing this series of articles to an end, so have compiled here a selection of resources available on the internet to help all those of us who write ads, articles and e-books to keep improving our work.

An Outdated Grammar Rule: The Subjunctive. Let’s trash it!

How many times as a child was I puzzled when a singular pronoun suddenly turned plural. Why, I wondered, should it be “If I were you?”

Well, it’s simply because we’re in the subjunctive mood.