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Sufjan Stevens’ Open Letter to Miley Cyrus Needs to Be the Last Open Letter to Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus is probably tired of getting open letters. Actually, I know she is. I’m tired of people writing open letters to Miley Cyrus too. I’m sure you’re tired of Miley Cyrus, open letters, open letters to Miley Cyrus, and probably letters in general. If I could give up letters altogether and simply speak this to you, I would. Trust …

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U.S. Navy’s Twitter Lesson on the Perils of Multiple Accounts

Business Insider picked up a peculiar tweet posted to the official Twitter account of the United States Navy this morning. Typically, @USNavy posts the types of things you might expect from an official account belonging to this particular branch of the military, such as what the Vice Chief of Naval Operations has to say or even the occasional photograph of …

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Grammatical Breakdown of Steven Seagal Movie Titles

What do you expect from a Steven Seagal movie? …aside from bad acting. I am talking about the typical archetype that defines a Steven Seagal action flick. The first thing you think of is the title. Most are two or three words. Most of them will complete this sentence “Steven Seagal is…” If you break that down further, you have …

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Infographic Helps You Avoid Looking Stupid Online

Recently, we talked about three things that could make you look like an idiot online. One of those things was committing egregious grammar errors, especially if you have a business or are expected to present in a professional manner. We went over a handful of the most common juvenile mistakes online, but lo and behold, we’ve hit the mother lode. …

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