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Croatia Same-Sex Vote Goes Against Same-Sex Marriage
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Croatians are strong Catholics, which might account for the majority vote against same-sex marriage in Zagreb, Croatia. This was a victory for Catholic Church-backed conservatives in the European Union’s newest nation. The state electoral commission, citing near complete results, said …

FCC Loses Net Neutrality Battle Against Comcast
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News broke today that the U.S Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia ruled against the FCC in a net neutrality case vs Comcast. The FCC had previously ordered Comcast to cease treating web traffic for different customers differently (which they had apparently done to slow down connections for users heavily engaged in bittorrent use).

Google Testifies About Privacy in Washington
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Today a joint hearing on online advertising between two subcommittees of the House Committee on Energy and Commerce is being held. Google’s Deputy General Counsel Nicole Wong is giving a testimony about advertising products and the company’s commitment to protecting user privacy.

Former eBay CEO Wants to Be Next California Governor
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Everybody knew it was coming, but today, former eBay CEO Meg Whitman announced her announced she has formed an exploratory committee that will see her running for Governor of California in 2010. Whitman is a fifty-two year old Republican, and aims to replace John Matrix himself – Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Google Blocks Services in Some Countries
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Google is reportedly blocking use of it’s Chrome browser (among other applications like Google Talk and Gmail Notifier)  in some countries with which the United States has economic sanctions and export controls with. "We are unable to permit the download of Google Chrome in Cuba, Syria, North Korea, Iran, and Sudan," says a Google Spokesperson.