Google Wave Lives On (In Another Dead Google Project)

Google Wave Lives On (In Another Dead Google Project)

By Chris Crum July 9, 2012 | 1 Comment

A team of Google engineers in Atlanta has been working on a collaborative code editor called Collide for the past year. Google pulled the plug on the project, and shut down its Atlanta engineering department, but the project will live …

Google Refreshes Google Docs Presentations, Adds 50 New Features Google Refreshes Google Docs Presentations, Adds 50 New Features

Google announced a major refresh of Presentations in Google Docs, adding 50 new features, including transitions, animations, new themes, drawings, and rich tables. “A year and a half ago, we released completely new document, spreadsheet and drawing editors. Google Docs …

Google Has a New Social Experiment

Update 2: Google has now officially announced Shared Spaces, saying: 

Google Wave Lives on as Apache Wave

Earlier this year Google made an unexpected move when it announced it would shut down Google Wave as a standalone product. Since then, despite a lack of mainstream use, it has become clear that Google Wave has a loyal fan base, and Google has made efforts to open source much of the code behind Wave. 

Google Open Sources More of Wave So Developers Can Take Advantage

Google has given an update on its immediate plans for Google Wave. As you probably know, the company recently announced that it would be shutting down Google Wave as a standalone product, thought Google said it would preserve the technology behind Wave for future use and integration with other Google products.

Google Wave Around Until the End of the Year

Google recently announced that it would be shutting down Google Wave, at least as a standalone project. The company has now released an update on that note.

“Save Google Wave” Site Forms

In the official blog post announcing the discontinuation of Google Wave, a Google exec claimed that the service had earned "numerous loyal fans."  Now, in an effort to save Google Wave, they’ve banded together and created a special site.

The "Save Google Wave!" site can be found, appropriately enough, at SaveGoogleWave.com.  It offers visitors the chance to express their support by giving the cause a virtual thumbs up, and a little over 20,500 individuals have done so to date.

Google Wave – Ahead of its Time or Just Another Failure?

Google Wave may be going away, but it is highly unlikely that the web has felt its presence for the last time. As Google said in its announcement, the company will "extend the technology for use in other Google projects."

Were you able to find a reason to use Google Wave?
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Google Sets Forum-Like Goals For Wave

Google Wave may soon make some significant strides towards winning over people who don’t see the need for a new form of communication.  This week, Google semi-officially endorsed an open source project that would see Wave imitate several aspects of traditional online forums.

Google Launches Tools to Get People Using Wave More

Google has launched a new set of tools to increase user interaction with Google Wave. Among the tools are a "WaveThis" button, a "WaveThis" bookmarket and a chrome extension.

Google Wave Turns One
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Exactly one year ago today, a product that was supposed to represent a new and innovative means of communication debuted at Google I/O.  Now, Google’s celebrating Wave’s first birthday by trying to convince a few more people to give the tech a chance.

Google Wave Released To Everyone
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When Google Wave invitations first went out, they were hugely popular, with requests appearing left and right and bids topping $5,000 in one eBay auction.  Now, perhaps with the hope of creating a second surge of excitement, Google’s done away with the invitation system, opening Google Wave up to everyone (including Google Apps users).

“Remove Participant” Option Comes To Google Wave
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What is by Google’s own admission a "glaringly obvious" missing feature has been added to Google Wave.  Now, it’s possible for participants to be removed (or remove themselves) from waves, potentially saving people all sorts of time or embarrassment.

Add someone to a wave by accident?  Find out a friend can’t attend the event you’re trying to discuss?  This update addresses the fact that you still would have wound up bothering these folks with all sorts of irrelevant messages.

Google Gives Wave Another Push With Extensions Gallery
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Google Wave didn’t do so well when it came out of the gate, and Buzz’s privacy problems stole all of the attention not too long after.  But now that Google’s addressed most of Buzz’s faults, it’s trying to move forward again by rolling out an extensions gallery for Google Wave.

Google Wave Finds Fans At Clear Channel

Love it or hate it, Clear Channel Radio is pretty much inescapable; the organization claims to have a weekly audience of 110 million listeners, which represents about one-third of America’s population.  It could be quite important, then, that some people who work for the omnipresent radio entity have taken a liking to Google Wave.

10 Reasons Social Media isn’t Replacing Email
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Update: VerticalResponse CEO Janine Popick has written a separate piece adding 10 more reasons.

Watch: Google Wave Shows Events of 2009
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To say that 2009 has been the year of Google Wave might be a stretch. It was introduced this year, and invites have been sent out to quite a few people now. It has been the subject of a fair amount of discussion, but it hasn’t reached the mainstream yet.

That said, 2009 was the year Google Wave was unleashed upon the world in its most primitive state. There is certainly a lot of potential for Wave, and we will no doubt see that more and more as time goes on if it truly does "catch on."