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Google Wave Lives On (In Another Dead Google Project)

A team of Google engineers in Atlanta has been working on a collaborative code editor called Collide for the past year. Google pulled the plug on the project, and shut down its Atlanta engineering department, but the project will live on thanks to open sourcing efforts. Now former Googler Scott Blum posed to Google+ (Google’s Matt Cutts tweeted a link …

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Pinterest Has a Graveyard for Failed Google Products

Google, like any large company, has had its share of failed products and services. Just this week, Google has shut down some of its products, including Google Video, Google Mini, and iGoogle. With the beta culture still alive and well within Google, it’s also easy for half-baked concepts to make their way to a public beta release. Since Google products …

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Google Wave Closes Today, Move Out While You Still Can

Remember Google Wave, the company’s first attempt at social networking? It was really ambitious and the idea is still really awesome, but the majority of users really didn’t think so. While the company has learned from their mistakes to create the seemingly successful Google+, there are still some people who really cared about Google Wave. For those users, we first …

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When Does Google Wave Shut Down?

Remember Google Wave? It’s been nearly two years since Google announced that it was shutting it down, but it’s still been around in some capacity. The technology is still live, on a read-only basis, at wave.google.com. I can still go there and see the (very few) conversations I’ve had there in the past – from 2009. Google has now sent …

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10 Reasons Social Media isn’t Replacing Email

Update: VerticalResponse CEO Janine Popick has written a separate piece adding 10 more reasons.

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