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Google Hot Trends Come to Results Pages
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Google has released an extension of its Hot Trends feature, which brings some of its components to the results page when a user searches for one of the "hot trends." Now when a user’s query matches one of the top 100 trends (or fastest-rising search terms), Google will show them a graph and further information about how popular the query is.

Embeddable Google Trends Gadget Introduced
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It’s not easy to accurately describe a graph using words.  It’s not enjoyable to read an accurate description, either.  So, perhaps in an attempt to save bloggers and their audiences from either being ignorant or dying of boredom, an embeddable Google Trends gadget has been introduced.

Searchers Ask, McSteamy Broke His What?
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Men take their manhood really, really seriously. It probably shouldn’t be surprising, then, that after McSteamy on Grey’s Anatomy suffered a fractured penis, the Internet lit up with searches for information about the injury as men everywhere asked, “can that really happen?”

Google Alleviates Privacy Concerns About Flu Tracker
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Yesterday Google announced its Flu Trends tool, which tracks outbreaks of the Flu. Of course like with just about everything Google does, there are critics, and very often the concerns of these critics stem from privacy issues. This case is no different.

So before the speculation and criticism spirals too far out of control, Google decided to nip it in the bud, and address these things right away. A post at the Official Google Blog says:

Google Launches New Ad Planner

I wonder how many people in the interactive advertising industry are feeling suckered by Google this morning.

For the past few years, Google has continually downplayed its threat to ad agencies and marketing technology companies. “We’re not a threat, we just want to help,” tends to be the main theme.

When All Else Fails, Ask The Google

Internet obscenity trials are all the rage these days, what with the recent antics of a particular federal judge in the news. In another such case being tried in Florida, a defense attorney has turned to Google Trends to tell him whether a certain kind of content really "violates community standards."

Google Trends Launches With Some Problems

ith the new feature, you can supposedly compare unique visitor estimates over time for various sites, making Google trends compete with Quantcast and Compete. Despite various screenshots posted, I can’t see the unique traffic numbers for any site I try.

A bigger surprise is that you can’t see any traffic estimates – even estimates! – for Google.com.

Click the image to enlarge further.

Are You a Commodity for Google?
Many SEO Book readers have seen Google Trends before, but did you know that Google Checkout also has a trends feature?

Google Trends Gets New Look & API
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Google Trends program will get a new look with a new application interface program.

Mayer Gives Early Look at Search Trends

According to Google Press Center  "Marissa Mayer, Vice President of Search Products & User Experience at Google, will host an interactive webcast to give reporters an early look at the fastest-rising searches conducted on Google.com in 2007."

Google Trends Reveals What Unites Manchester
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In celebration of Reuters’ discovery of Google Trends, we thought we’d revisit for an update. Like last year (when Google Trends was launched) Birmingham, England still has the world’s largest concentration of porn searches.

Google Trends Now Has Hotness

The experimental Google Trends site has added another measurement for searches, highlighting the hottest trends for site visitors.

Blogger Suggests Google Trends Pro Next

John Koetsier raised the prospect of Google’s Trends tool progressing from its very general utility to something more granular, namely something Google can sell to marketers.

Google Trendspotting: The World Is Funny

In recent news, the Emerald Isle has led the world in searches for [lonely], according to Google Trends. Before you start sniffling, you should know Dubliners are far from alone. They are joined from the Far East and America, depending on which form of the word you use.

Google Trends Opens-up Zeitgeist

Listening to the Google Press Day stream, it appears the company has launched Google Trends – basically opening up Google Zeitgeist to marketers.

Google Breaks Out On Press Day

Four products took center stage during Google’s annual media event, as the company reiterated just what their focus is for the business.

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