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Google Trends Hot Searches Sections Gets An Update

Google announced today that it has redesigned the Hot Searches section of Google Trends. It groups related rising search terms together and shows more info about them in a more visually appealing way. See below: “With rich images and links to related news articles, you can glance at the list and instantly get an idea of why these topics are …

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Pinterest May Be a Flash in the Pan

Nicholas Carlson over at Business Insider is reporting on an interesting phenomenon involving Pinterest‘s popularity. It seems the number of Pinterest users has been falling since mid-March. Using information from AppData, a site that measures metrics for apps on different platforms, Business Insider is estimating the app has lost around 3 million monthly active users since March 1st. Carlson speculates …

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Josh Hamilton’s Relapse Becomes A Trending Topic

While you cannot deny the monetary rewards professional athletes command, it’s important to remember these folks, for all the money they make, give up just about every bit of privacy to such a degree, it’s actually hard to fathom. Take Josh Hamilton, for instance. The Texas Ranger, who is also a previous American League MVP award winner, has struggled with …

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Google Correlate Expands to 50 Countries

Back in May, Google launched Google Correlate, which is sort of like Google Trends in reverse. It looks at search trends, and attempts to apply them to real-world situations. Google described it as an experimental tool enabling the user to find queries with a similar pattern to a target data series. Users can upload data sets (by state or time …

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