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Google Music Store To Snag Universal Tracks Google Music Store To Snag Universal Tracks

With the launch of the new Google Music Store fast approaching, it looks like Google is close to inking another record label deal to populate the new service. According to a Bloomberg report, Google is very close to an agreement …

Google Music Store Gets Its First Look Via Leaked Screenshots Google Music Store Gets Its First Look Via Leaked Screenshots

Last week, email invitations began popping up to an event scheduled for this Wednesday, November 16th. The invitations simply said “These Go To Eleven” and were sent by “Nigel Tufnel.” This clear Spinal Tap reference has led many to speculate …

Google Music Store To Play Well With Google+ Google Music Store To Play Well With Google+
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It’s looking almost certain that sometime in the near future, Google will be throwing its hat into the ring of online music sales with the Google Music Store. And when they do, you can probably expect it to be highly …

A “Twist” is Just What Google Music Needs A “Twist” is Just What Google Music Needs

Recent reports indicated that Google is working to get some kind of online music store out to consumers. This was hardly a surprise. Many expected this to be part of Google Music when it launched, but Google just wasn’t able …

Google Music Beta Like Pandora for Your Collection Google Music Beta Like Pandora for Your Collection
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Google just announced Google Music beta at Google I/O. A Google Music service has been long-anticipated, but now it’s finally come, though it may not be exactly what you were expecting. As you may know, Google has had some licensing …

Google Music, MySpace Music Encounter Difficulties Google Music, MySpace Music Encounter Difficulties
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A music service that doesn’t yet exist and a music service anchored to a fading social network (may) have both hit rough patches this week.  Reports indicate that Google Music isn’t succeeding in talks with record companies, while MySpace Music’s …

Google Music – PushLife Acquired by Google Google Music – PushLife Acquired by Google

Google has acquired PushLife, a mobile media sync/streaming service, for an undisclosed sum (which is rumored to be about $25 million). Google is expected to launch Google Music very soon to work with the Honeycomb version of Android. Last week, …

Google Music – Critical for Google in Many Ways
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A little over a month ago, Motorola Mobility CEO Sanjay Jha made comments implying that Google Music would be coming with Android Honeycomb. Google Music is being tested internally at Google, according to CNET, who cites “music industry sources”. These …

Google Music in 2 Months?

"Google Music" is one of those legends that seems like it’s been around as long as Google itself (ok, maybe not quite that long). Rumors pop up from time to time, then they die back down a bit. Then they always come back. 

Right now, they’re in full force due to some comments made by Motorola Mobility CEO Sanjay Jha at Mobile World Congress. Guardian quotes him:

When Will We See Google Music?
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Depending on who you ask, Google Music is either weeks or months away from launching.

A report from Businessweek suggests that the launch may come as soon as next month.

Whereas CNET says we’re months, rather than weeks, away. So, what’s the hold up here?

Business Insider has a new theory.

Google’s Music Strategy Revealed?
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Very interesting article from Billboard today. Apparently Google is circulating a proposal among major record labels regarding forthcoming music service. The proposal provides clues as to what we can likely expect. 

Billboard’s Ed Christman says the service would include an a la carte digital download store, as well as a subscription-based cloud-based locker. He cites "industry sources", reporting: 

Search For Google Music Chief May Be Underway
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According to Google’s own people, Google Music – which might be a music download service designed to let users store songs in the cloud at some point – will launch this year.  Trouble is, the Google Music project doesn’t have any sort of public leader, and Google’s now supposedly trying to remedy that problem.

Google Music, Android 3.0 To Launch Together This Year
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Two of the most anticipated projects in development at Google should be rolled out in a coordinated fashion rather soon.  Android product manager Gaurav Jain indicated in a recent interview that Google Music and Android 3.0 will come out together in time for the holidays.

Google Music Store Rumors Resurface

Sometime in the next six months, it may become possible for individuals to buy music straight from Google.  People familiar with the matter believe the company will launch a music store with ties to its main search engine, and later, a cloud-based subscription service is supposed to debut.

Hitwise Weighs Potential Impact Of Google Music

Rumor has it that a new Google Music service will launch today, and the excitement is almost palpable as the announcement window provided by normal business hours narrows.  Or not.  Anyway, Hitwise took a look at Google’s relationship with music sites.