Google Makes An Update To Its Big Google Maps Update

Google Makes An Update To Its Big Google Maps Update

By Chris Crum July 11, 2013 | 7 Comments

Google announced the launch of its big new Google Maps update for Android this week. It’s coming to iOS soon. The update includes a tablet-oriented version of Google Maps for the first time. We took a fairly extensive look at …

Google Latitude Appears to Have a Buggy Problem Google Latitude Appears to Have a Buggy Problem

According to user reports in the Google Maps help forum, Google Latitude, the real-time location app that lets you tell people where you are in this great big world, is currently down. The first report of the outage was posted …

Google Latitude Check-In Offers Take On Foursquare Google Latitude Check-In Offers Take On Foursquare
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Back in February, Google added check-ins to Google Latitude, the company’s social location-based service. The feature found its way to the iPhone a couple weeks ago. During SXSW, Google rolled out check-in offers for 60 places around Austin, Texas, and …

Google Latitude App Updated

Over at the Mobile Blog, Google announced updates to two different iPhone apps, Google Latitude and Google Places. Google Latitude, the app that lets you see your friend’s locations on a Google map and share where you are, has added …

Using Google Latitude For Business

Using Google Latitude is and should be a personal thing – only to be used with people you trust. I use Latitude with my friends and make sure to only confirm close friends. However, recently I met a woman that works in marketing for a health organization.

Google Latitude Adds Check-in Options

Facebook, Foursquare, and Gowalla (along with several other companies) now have a little more competition when it comes to location-based check-in services.  Starting this afternoon, Google Latitude users can also let their friends know when they’ve arrived at a certain place.

Google’s rationale for this upgrade is that check-ins add context.  Now, rather than just seeing a pal is on a certain street, a user can figure out whether he’s grabbing a drink at a coffee shop or buying a new vehicle at the adjacent car dealer.

Google Latitude App For iPhone Launches
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Starting today, iPhone users may begin enjoying a lot more lunches, coffee breaks, and random shopping mall sit-downs with friends.  The Google Latitude app for iPhone was officially released this morning, and it promises to keep users informed of their (consenting) pals’ locations at all times.

Google Latitude API Launched at Google I/O
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During Google I/O today, out here in San Francisco, Google announced among many other things, that it is opening up a Google Latitude API.

Google Latitude is of course the company’s major component in the increasingly competitive location space. With the release of the API, its presence will be felt much more greatly throughout the mobile web. The company calls the API an "easy and safe way" to use Latitude location with any apps/services.

Google Latitude Introduces Location History, Smart Alerts

A quick, but important, note: the stuff we’re about to discuss is only available on an opt-in basis.  So there’s no need to stop halfway through this article and drown your phone or tape it to a neighbor’s car.  Now, with that out of the way, let’s move on to the news that Google Latitude’s gained two features called Google Location History and Google Location Alerts (which is in beta).

Apple May Have Some Explaining to Do Over Google Voice
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There was a lot of hoopla made regarding Apple’s banning of Google Voice from its App Store. Fingers were pointed, names were (probably) called. Today Google announced that the FCC has made its letter (pdf) available to the public. The letter reveals what Google claims to be the explanation it got from Apple about why it would not accept its Google Voice app (as well as Google Latitude).

iPhone Finally Gets a Google Latitude App
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Google has released a Google Latitude web app for the iPhone and iPod Touch, running Safari. To use it, users can go to google.com/latitude. A bookmark can be created so that there is a home screen link of course.

Google Maps Gets Some Improvements on Android
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Today, Google announced the addition of search-by-voice and transit directions to Google Maps on Android devices. In addition, some improvements have been made to Google Latitude in Google Maps for Android.

Searching By Voice

Google Latitude Badge Launched for Blogger
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Google has released the Public Location Badge, which allows users to publish geographic information to their blog automatically whenever they go somewhere. The badge is powered by Google Latitude.

If you’re unfamiliar with Google Latitude, it is a feature of Google Maps that when enabled, shows your friends your current location wherever you are if you have given it permission to do so.

Google Latitude Bug Looks Into Future
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Barry Schwartz recently shared an interesting story about his brother-in-law showing up at the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport in Florida on Google Latitude, although he was in Newwark Airport in New Jersey. The interesting part is that he was getting ready to go to the Florida airport.

Google Latitude is a feature in Google Maps for mobile and iGoogle that allows you to share your location with your family and friends in real time.

Alleviating Google Latitude Privacy Concerns
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Google’s recently announced Latitude service has sparked a bit of concern among privacy advocates and the generally paranoid. I spoke with a Google Spokesperson about this.

Google Latitude is a feature in Google Maps for mobile and iGoogle that allows you to share your location with your family and friends in real time.