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Smartphones & Law Enforcement Discussed At Google Ideas

Google has been posting a bunch of “Google Ideas” discussions to YouTube this week. One that went live today discusses smartphones and their role in making law enforcement “smarter.” It’s only seventeen minutes long, so it won’t take too much of your time. “Commanders are isolated from their officers in the field, and civilian oversight is further removed still,” Google …

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Google Helps Get The World’s Constitutions Online And Searchable

In its ongoing mission to “organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful,” Google has contributed to the creation of new project from the Comparative Constitutions Project called Constitute. This is a site that digitizes the world’s constitutions, and makes them searchable. The project is being supported by Google Ideas, specifically. This is the branch of Google …

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Google Targets Cartels, Sex Trafficking With New Google Ideas Initiative

Google Ideas, Google’s initiative that “convenes unorthodox stakeholders, commissions research, and seeds initiatives to explore the role that technology can play in tackling some of the toughest human challenges,” is now taking on illicit networks. There are many kinds of “illicit networks” operating around the world, most of which have devastating effects on those involved. Things like organ trafficking, sex …

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Google Ideas Backs Anti-Extremist Group with New Website

In June 2011, Google Ideas hosted the Summit Against Violent Extremism that brought together a group of over 80 people who were former survivors and perpetrators of radical extremism ranging from gang members, right-wing extremists, 9/11 victims, and jihadists in order to plant the seeds of an effort to combat the global problem of violent extremism. Less than a year …

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YouTube Launches Channel To Follow Burma Elections

Burma (or the Republic of the Union of Myanmar) is opening up its doors to the rest of the world and allowing media to take part in chronicling this year’s by-elections. On April 1st, millions will vote, and YouTube has set up an elections channel to cover it. On Sunday, April 1, millions of voters in Burma will cast a …

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