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Google I/O App May Have Spilled The Jelly Beans On Android 4.1

Google I/O is coming up soon and the speculation is now higher than ever before. Will Google announce a tablet or show off those whacky AR glasses? More importantly, will we get our first look at Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean)? Well, we might have already gotten our first look thanks to the Google I/O Companion App. One of the major …

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Google Unveiling $200 Nexus Tablet At Google I/O [Rumor]

One of the more persistent rumors coming out of the tech world these days is that Google will be announcing its own foray into the tablet market during Google I/O. The all things Google conference will be taking place from June 27-29 and would be a prime location for such an announcement. The recent rumors coming out of sources speaking …

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Google Announces The “Develop For Good” Hackathon

It’s already a known fact that Google I/O sold out faster than Green Day, but that doesn’t mean you have to mope about it. You’re a developer – you can do so much good in the world with your skills. You can also win a ticket to next year’s Google I/O if being a swell guy isn’t enough for you. …

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Google I/O Event Schedule Shows Heavy Chrome & Android Focus

Developers for Google platforms treat Google’s yearly I/O conference like a rock concert. The tickets for this year’s event sold out in 20 minutes. At the conference, developers are treated to the best advice Google has to offer about programming and designing for Google’s many platforms, as well as major announcements about future Google products. Google has even been known …

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Google I/O Extended And Live Details Emerge

Remember when Google I/O tickets sold out in a mere 20 minutes with developers claiming that the whole thing was rigged? If you were one of those developers, Google at the time told you all to calm down and join up in one of the I/O Extended events. With Google I/O just a mere month and a half away, it’s …

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Google Code Jam Offering Developers Chance At Google I/O Tickets

Google kicked off their annual Code Jam last week that sees programmers from all over the world competing to solve various algorithms. Our own Micael Marr participated in the qualification round and even live blogged his attempts to answer the questions. It seems that Google is upping the stakes for the Code Jam by offering Google I/O tickets to developers …

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Project Glass: Could Google’s Glasses Appear At Google I/O?

Google I/O is coming in June. This is the company’s big, annual developer event, where new developer products and APIs are often revealed, and Google gets to work directly with developers to help foster creativity on its platforms. It sounds like a perfect place to get developers working on awesome uses for Google glasses doesn’t it? A report from Nathan …

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Google I/O Tickets Sell Out In 20 Minutes

Well, that was fast. We reported that registration was open for Google I/O this morning at 7 a.m. PDT. Last year, the tickets sold out in less than an hour. This year the tickets sold out in 20 minutes. Vic Gundotra, Senior VP of Engineering at Google, announced the tickets selling out on Google+. He also provided some consolation for …

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Google I/O Registration Is Now Open

Google I/O is one of the biggest developer events of the year and for good reason. It’s a place where developers can learn what Google is up to this year while learning from each other in a developer-centric environment. If you’re interested in the future of Google or just coding in general, the Google I/O registration is now open. You …

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Google I/O Registration Kicks Off March 27th

Google’s I/O developers conference will take place on June 27th – 29th at the Moscone Center in San Francisco. The annual gathering is where Google say you can come to “learn to latest web, mobile, and social breakthrough and meet the developers who are turning them into tomorrow’s businesses.” And now we know when you can register to attend. Google …

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Google Announcements You May Have Missed – Google I/O [Updated]

Google is currently holding its annual Google I/O developer event. The company has made a slew of announcements. There is a lot to keep track of, so here is a compilation of some things Google has announced since the event started. Google announced some new Android stats. These include (but are not limited to): – 100 million device activations worldwide …

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Google Chromebooks Get Release Date – June 15 (Acer and Samsung Models)

Yesterday was Android day at Google I/O, and today is Chrome day. The company announced today that Chrome is up from 70 million users at last year’s Google I/O to 160 million active users now. Google announced new Google “Chromebooks” – Chrome OS-based Notebooks from Samsung and Acer coming next month. Devices will be available for order on June 15 …

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Android @ Home and Open Accessory Projects Unveiled at Google I/O

Google doesn’t just want you to have Android on your phone or on your tablet, or on your television, or just a combination of these. It wants you to have Android in your ligting, in your toaster, your washing machine, your blender, or whatever else developers can come up with. Google announced the Android Open Accessory and Android @ Home …

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Google TV to Get Android Market, 3.1, More Devices

Among numerous other things, Google announced at Google I/O today that Google TV will get Android 3.1 and Android Market soon (as in this summer). This would make total sense, as one of today’s announcements was the launch of movie rentals in the Android Market. Perhaps this is just what Google TV needs to get going. Yesterday, the company announced …

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Android 3.1 Launched as Honeycomb Upgrade, “Ice Cream Sandwich” on the Way

Among its many Android-related announcements today, Google announced at Google I/O that Android 3.1 is rolling out beginning today. Android 3.1 features enhancements to existing honeycomb features while also bringing some new things to the table. The features, as described by Google, include: Open Accessory API. This new API provides a way for Android applications to integrate and interact with …

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Android Eats Apple

Google I/O, the company’s developer event opened with a shot at Apple. The shots at Apple are certainly commonplace these days, but it’s rare for them to jump into it so quickly. During the intro to the opening keynote, Google’s Vic Gundotra showed the above picture to the audience, before sending out Director of Android Product Management Hugo Barra. Of …

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Google Music Beta Like Pandora for Your Collection

Google just announced Google Music beta at Google I/O. A Google Music service has been long-anticipated, but now it’s finally come, though it may not be exactly what you were expecting. As you may know, Google has had some licensing issues with record labels, which is why this service is more about the music you already own. In fact, it’s …

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Foursquare Experiments With NFC at Google I/O

Today begins the 2011 Google I/O conference, which will bring thousands of developers to San Francisco to immerse themselves in the world of next gen applications.  Foursquare has teamed up with Google at this year’s conference to offer a look into what may well be the check-in of tomorrow. Foursquare and Google have worked together to allow attendees the ability …

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Google I/O Content Will Stream Live On Web

Google announced it will be providing a great deal of Google I/O content live, streaming on the web this year. They will provide keynotes, sessions, and Developer Sandbox content. You can find this stuff at Google I/O Live. Here’s exactly what will be offered, according to Google’s blog: Watch livestream video feeds from our two largest session rooms from 9:00 …

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Google I/O Sells Out In Record Time

Whenever Google gets around to planning its I/O 2012 event, someone should really consider either hiking ticket prices or finding a bigger place to host it.  This afternoon, people were invited to register for Google I/O 2011, and within one hour, the event was sold out.

Vic Gundotra, Vice President of Engineering, made the feat official with an announcement on Twitter.  By comparison, it took 90 days to sell out Google I/O in 2009, and 50 days to sell out Google I/O last year.

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Ben Huh Talks Building a Business Founded on Lolcats

Do you think lolcats are silly? You may be right, but that doesn’t mean they can’t provide important business lessons (if you can get lessons from Justin Bieber, why not lolcats?).

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How Open Web Developers Are Trying to Make Social Media Better for You, the User

Last week, a new open protocol called OExchange was released with the aim of simplifying sharing. Right out of the door, it had names like Google, Microsoft, and LinkedIn signed on. WebProNews spoke with Google’s Open Web advocate, Chris Messina about how the protocol could benefit businesses and site owners.

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A Social Tool for Actually Getting Things Done

Google launched the Google Apps Marketplace in March, and it didn’t take long for Manymoon to become the most installed application in it. Manymoon is a social productivity tool that helps businesses accomplish tasks online with their connections, and its Google app is only one of the options it provides.

Manymoon spoke at Google I/O a couple weeks ago, and CEO and co-founder Amit Kulkarni spoke with WebProNews about how businesses can use its tool:

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Adobe Talks Future Innovation with Both Flash and HTML5

There were a lot of announcements to take in during Google I/O last week, but among them were some HTML5 efforts from Adobe, illustrating the company’s dedication to utilizing the technologies it sees playing significant roles in the future of the web.

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Why Google and Sony Chose One Another For Google TV

During the final day of Google I/O last week, we saw Google unveil Google TV along with its launch partners Adobe, Logitech, Intel, Best Buy, Dish Network, and Sony. The CEOs of each of these companies made their appearances and spoke with Google CEO Eric Schmidt on stage about what Google’s offering will mean to the future of television, as well as what each of their respective offerings would bring to the table.

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How Will Advertising Work on Google TV?

During the keynote at Google I/O last week, in which Google introduced both Google TV and the latest version of Android (Froyo), VP of Engineering Vic Gundotra talked about advertising with regards to mobile (and this was before the AdMob acquisition got the green light from the FTC).

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Google Has New Mobile Ad Formats

Mobile advertising will continue to play a major role in Google’s revenue going forward. While the jury is still out, so to speak, on the proposed acquisition of AdMob, Google has been placing a great deal of emphasis here at Google I/O on the fact that it already knows a thing or two about advertising.

In fact, AdMob really hasn’t come up a whole lot in the discussions that I’ve been witness to. But that hasn’t stopped Google from talking about various mobile ad formats its offers. A portion of a lengthy keynote delivered Thursday morning was devoted to this.

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Where Does Google TV Fit Into Search?

It’s time to start optimizing your web content for the big screen. Here at Google I/O, as I’m sure you’ve heard, Google announced the much-anticipated Google TV. Naturally, search plays a big role in the service, particularly in the form of the Quick Search Box.

Here are a few things to think about if Google TV really takes off:

– Optimizing video content is going to be more important than ever – not just optimizing the content itself, in terms of quality, but making your videos visible in search results in Google and YouTube.

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Google Announces Purchase Of Simplify Media

Two months ago, a company called Simplify Media went off the radar, halting new account creations and disabling one feature of a service it kept alive.  Many users panicked.  Now, it turns out Simplify Media wasn’t so much crawling under a rock to die as getting swallowed up by Google.

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What Was Announced At Google I/O 2010?

There has been a wide range of interesting announcements coming out of Google I/O this week where WebProNews is covering the event.

What do you think has been the most interesting announcement from Google I/O so far? Let us know in the comments!

Update Google I/O

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Google Introduces Froyo, Google TV and More

Word is that today is Android day here at Google I/O. The keynote is about to begin, and it is widely expected that an announcement about a Google TV offering (or Smart TV as it’s been referred to thus far) will be made.

Watch the keynote live here.

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Online TV Guide Turns Heads At Google I/O

Finding online videos using the traditional couch-and-TV setup can be an awkward experience; all sorts of menus and interfaces just aren’t meant to be seen and used from ten feet away.  Clicker has introduced a very sleek solution, however, in the form of, which was unveiled at Google I/O.

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Google Previews Storage Service for Developers at Google I/O

Today Google introduced Google Storage for Developers at Google I/O. This is a RESTful cloud service built on the company’s storage and networking infrastructure. They are showcasing the service in the Developer Sandbox here at the event.

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Google Latitude API Launched at Google I/O

During Google I/O today, out here in San Francisco, Google announced among many other things, that it is opening up a Google Latitude API.

Google Latitude is of course the company’s major component in the increasingly competitive location space. With the release of the API, its presence will be felt much more greatly throughout the mobile web. The company calls the API an "easy and safe way" to use Latitude location with any apps/services.

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Google Launches Buzz APIs at Google I/O

In a session here at Google I/O called "What’s the hubbub about Google Buzz APIs," Google announced, well, Buzz APIs.

The session was aimed at "taking a deep dive into building with the Buzz APIs and the open standards it uses, which include, PubSubHubbub, OAuth, Salmon, and Webfinger."

Chris Chabot, developer advocate at Google announced the launch and a number of partners that have helped the company get it started. Among these: Seesmic, Tweetdeck, and

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Google Announces Chrome Web Store

During the very long and drawn out keynote here at Google I/O today, there were many speakers and many topics addressed, including a number of new announcements from Google. Among these was the announcement of the Chrome Web Store, dubbed an open marketplace for web apps that helps people find the best web applications across the internet and allows developers to reach new users. The announcement was only a preview.

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New Open Video Project: WebM Announced at Google I/O

In the keynote here at Google I/O a little bit ago, Google announced the Web M Project, a new open codec for web video with support from Mozilla and Opera.

Web M includes:

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Brightcove Announces WebM Support

Here at Google I/O in San Francisco, Brightcove announced support for the new open source video codec, WebM, which was announced by Google in the keynote earlier.

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Google Wave Released To Everyone

When Google Wave invitations first went out, they were hugely popular, with requests appearing left and right and bids topping $5,000 in one eBay auction.  Now, perhaps with the hope of creating a second surge of excitement, Google’s done away with the invitation system, opening Google Wave up to everyone (including Google Apps users).

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Google Launches App Engine For Business

Google has introduced App Engine for Business aimed at allowing companies build and maintain their own applications on the same scalable infrastructure that powers Google applications.

New features for businesses include the ability to manage all apps in an organization from one place, simple pricing based on users and applications, premium developer support, a 99.9 percent uptime service level agreement, and coming later this year, access to premium features like cloud-based SQL and SSL.

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PayPal Has Some Announcements from Google I/O

I’m out here at Google I/O where PayPal made a couple of announcements: the availability of its Mobile Payments Library for Android and the launch of its PayPal X Toolkit for Google App Engine.

Update: Here is an interview we did with PayPal’s Rasesh Shah on the announcements:

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Google Previews Chrome Web Store, Launches Wave as Part of Google Apps, and More

The Google I/O day one keynote will begin soon. Go here to watch it live. I will post notes below. Please forgive the inevitable typos that are sure to occur.

Please forgive the sub-part notetaking. We’ve been having some techincal difficulties, and connectivity issues at Google I/O. Without wading through the notes, essentially the topic is HTML5 and how it is changing the web, and will continue to do so. Numerous examples are being presented, and you’ll no doubt see more and more as the week progresses.

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Adobe Announces HTML5 Solution at Google I/O

We’re out at Google I/O in San Francisco, and Adobe announced here that a new HTML5 solution is immediately available to web designers and developers. This comes in the form of an HTML5 Pack extension to Adobe Dreamweaver CS5, the recently launched version of the company’s HTML authoring, web design program.

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Google I/O About to Begin

Google I/O hasn’t even officially begun yet, but already Google has had an incredibly busy week (not that this is unsual for the company). Facebook chatter has been going strong since its developer conference, but now it’s Google’s turn.

Watch for exclusive interviews live from Google I/O this week.

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Google TV and All Sorts of Fun Expected at Google I/O

Google I/O, the company’s annual developer conference starts this week, and all eyes will be upon Google, just as they have been on Facebook since its developer conference.

Watch  for exclusive, live video interviews from Google I/O this week at

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Google Buzz Gets Even More Integrated with Email

Over the last month or so, most of the discussion around social media has been mostly related to Twitter and Facebook, as both recently had their developer conferences and introduced some new things to get people talking. We haven’t heard a whole lot of discussion around Google Buzz. When we have, it’s still mostly been about privacy.

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Google’s TV Software May Debut At I/O

Rather than just announce some partnerships, or even parade a few unfinished prototypes across a stage, Google may share some rather important information regarding its TV software with developers at Google I/O.  Enough info for developers to start making apps, perhaps.

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