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Google Checkout To Shut Down On November 20

Back in November 2011, Google announced that it was retiring Google Checkout in favor of Google Wallet. After that announcement, Google Checkout remained operational for another year and a half until Google announced in May of this year that it was no longer accepting new signups for the service. It also said the service would permanently shut down in six …

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Google Talks About The End Of Google Checkout

Google announced that it would shut down Google Checkout in favor of Google Wallet back in 2011. This week, the company announced that in six months Google checkout will be officially dead to merchants. With that, the company has shared an “office hours” video dealing with the change, so if you had any questions about it, give it a watch, …

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Google Checkout For Merchants To Be Retired In Six Months As Google Wallet Takes Over

Google announced all the way back in November of 2011 that it would be shutting down Google Checkout in favor of a transition to Google Wallet. This week, Google announced that in six months, Google Checkout will officially be dead to merchants. They will no longer be able to accept payments using Google Checkout starting November 20th. “If you don’t …

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