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Driverless Cars More Accident Prone When Humans Are Involved

On Tuesday, Senate bill 1298 was signed into law at Google’s headquarters. This makes it so California must adopt rules and regulations for the operation of driverless cars like the ones Google has. It makes it legal for these things to drive on the road. Many are no doubt wondering what this means for safety. Well, Google has been touting …

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Google Driverless Car Bill Cruises Through the California Senate

It seems that Google is continuing to impress lawmakers with its autonomous vehicle technology. The California Senate has unanimously passed (37-0) a bill regulating autonomous vehicles on the state’s roads. The bill will now head to the California State Assembly, where it is expected to pass quickly. This news comes the same month that Nevada has issued its first-ever autonomous …

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Project Glass Engineer Teaches You How To Program Driverless Cars

Sebastian Thrun is a Google Fellow and VP, a Stanford Professor, and the co-founder fo He’s also on the Project Glass team, which last week, unveiled the much talked about Google glasses. He was one of the names that signed the initial announcement post for Project Glass on Google+. It just so happens that he is also involved with …

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