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Google Buzz Is About To Be Dead. Wait, What? Google Buzz Was Still Alive?

Google has sent an email around to Google Buzz users about their data from the service, which the company announced would be shutting down back in October 2011. If you’re like me, you were probably surprised to get an email about a service you haven’t thought about in a long time, but Google may still have your data from Buzz, …

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Report: Google Sued Again Over Google Buzz Privacy

MediaPost is reporting that three Gmail users filed a lawsuit against Google this week in relation to privacy violations from the Google Buzz launch. Google Buzz, in case your memory of Internet happenings doesn’t extend that far back, was an earlier attempt of Google’s at social media, launched about a year and a half before Google+ came out. It was …

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Google Buzz Is Still Part Of The Twitter Conversation

I’m not going to lie. I kind of wanted an excuse to try out Twitter’s new embeddable timelines, but I couldn’t help but notice that there still seems to be an odd amount of mentions of Google Buzz going through Twitter even today, nearly a year after its official demise. Why are so many people tweeting about Google Buzz? Tweets …

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