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Reddit Ensures Rick Santorum’s Google Rankings Remain Reddit Ensures Rick Santorum’s Google Rankings Remain
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By now, you’ve probably heard about Republican Presidential candidate Rick Santorum and his dealings with Google. The issue had to with a particularly unsavory definition that was applied to the candiate’s last name when an Internet search was conducted, something …

Rick Santorum Asks Google to Help with his Google Problem
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Senator and current Presidential hopeful Rick Santorum still has a Google problem. When I say “still,” I am referring to the fact that Santorum has had this little problem for going on four years. And apparently, he has contacted Google …

Rick Santorum Trending on Google Thanks To Jon Stewart (NSFW) Rick Santorum Trending on Google Thanks To Jon Stewart (NSFW)

Today is Republican Presidential candidate Rick Santorum’s birthday. And what could be a better present than being a trending topic on Google? After being mentioned on last night’s Daily Show with Jon Stewart, Santorum is, as of this post, 12th …

Google Bomber Faces Presidential Pole

In the States, we can – and do – call the President whatever we want. And though a physical bomb threat against him will earn you a visit by some gentlemen you’d rather not tangle with, Google bombs targeting him as a "miserable failure" would be just another freedom of speech. In Poland, though, Google bombing the President can get you into trouble.

White House Ignites Google Bomb
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Google may have fixed a link bomb in January that had President George W. Bush listed as the top results for "failure" or "miserable failure", but now due to a White House oversight the President is once again ranked number one for the search term "failure" on Google

 The White House had seemingly put the Google bombing behind them.
So how did the President once again yield a number one ranking for the search term "failure?"

Google Bomb Returns, Hits Microsoft

A user of the Yelp social network managed to add an image to a Google Maps info box displayed for Microsoft’s Redmond headquarters that the company probably would not have chosen for itself.

Dems To Set Off Election Google Bomb
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The search warfare crews we all remember from the 2004 elections (you know, the “miserable failure” ones) are not taking the upcoming midterm election lying down, or even taking for granted reconfiguring of a Congress with a 16% approval rating. The Google-bomb is already set, and is ticking menacingly.