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Google Shares its “Hybrid” Approach to Research

Research has been a part of Google since its beginnings, and many of its products could even have been considered experimental when they were launched. Today Alfred Spector, vice president of research and special initiatives at Google, took to the Official Google Blog to preview a research paper that will be published in the July issue of Communications of the …

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Google Chimes in on Cat-Finding Computer Neural Network

This morning we brought you the story of Andrew Ng and the 16,000-core neural network that was able to decipher on its own what a cat is from thousands of pictures taken from YouTube videos. This afternoon, Google has chimed in and provided some background on why it is funding machine learning research. Over on the Google Official Blog, Google …

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Google Touts Its Diversity Credentials

Google tries its best to not be evil, to exist as a gentle giant in a land of cutthroat corporations. Sometimes it fails, but never for lack of trying. The company claims, for example, that it has gone to great lengths to convert its data centers to green technology. And Google has today decided to highlight where it stands on …

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Google’s Think Insights Expands to 21 Countries

Think Insights, Google’s repository of studies, video, and infographics to help marketers get a handle on their audience, has now expanded to cover 21 countries all across Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. The site was founded by Google to open up its marketing research to the public and help digital marketers keep track of their fast-changing industry. Eileen Munnelly, …

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Google Touts Its Green Tech in “Story of Send”

If you’ve ever wondered how your email gets from your computer to another inbox, you’re in luck. Google has created a simplistic video showing the basics of how email sent from Gmail travels to its destination. The video is more about how Google has taken extreme measures to lower its impact on the environment, especially at its data centers. There …

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