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Google Makes Navigation More Customizable

Google just made its general navigation more customizable. In a Google+ post, the company announced that you can now rearrange the various Google apps that you use in whatever order you like. If you use Drive and Google+ more than Groups and Maps, or vice versa, you can adjust them accordingly. Simply drag and drop them in the order you …

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What Do Users Think Of Google’s New Look?

As previously reported, a Googler quietly indicated that Google will be rolling out its new look for the top navigation bar (or “Google Bar”) over the coming weeks. It’s a design that people have been seeing here and there in various tests for quite some time (or at least something very close to what people have been seeing). What do …

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Introducing the New Google Bar

Back in June Google began rolling out a new look and feel for Gmail, Search, News, Maps, Reader, and quite a few of their other products. Their goal was to create a unified look. Well today they’ve introduced the next stage in the process… redesigning the Google bar. The new Google bar is supposed to help you navigate quicker through …

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