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Google Loses Lawsuit Over Autocomplete in Japan

A Tokyo District Court has ruled that Google must alter its autocomplete results to make sure they don’t suggest criminal activity when users search for a specific man’s name. This case began in March of 2012 when a Japanese court demanded that Google delete certain search terms inside their autocomplete function – ones that related to a specific man whose …

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Google Autocomplete No Longer Excludes “Bisexual”

There are thousands of words that Google has “blacklisted,” meaning they won’t trigger any suggestions within Google’s autocomplete feature. If you don’t quite understand what I’m talking about, head on over to Google and type in “football.” Before your fingers even hit the letter “t,” there’s a good chance that “football” or “football score” or something similar is dropped down …

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Tosh.0 Breaks Down Google Autocomplete

Daniel Tosh talked about Google and their Autocomplete feature a little bit the other night, bringing into the spotlight just how many silly questions people direct at the search engine. Autocomplete, which brings up several of the most popular terms in association with the first one or two words typed into the search box, has drawn some controversy in recent …

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Google Autocomplete Is… (Improved)

Google put out its big list of algorithm changes for May, and 5 out of 39 of them are related to autocomplete predictions. From the sound of it, they’re the predictions are getting more useful, and there’s a lesser chance that you’ll see low-quality predictions. We’ll see. Here are the relevant changes: Autocomplete predictions used as refinements. [launch codename “Alaska”, project …

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