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Google Makes Some Improvements To Cloud SQL, Launches Trial Offer

Google announced some updates to Google Cloud SQL, which will enable users to work with bigger and faster MySQL databases. Google has increased the amount of available storage to 100GB, which is ten times more than before. They’ve also increased the maximum size of instances to 16GB RAM, which is four times more data users can cache. Additionally, on the …

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Google Talks About The Latest On Apps Script

Google has uploaded this thirty-minute discussion about Apps Script, which may be of interest to some of you developers. In it, the company talks about the recently launched Google Analytics Apps Script automation. Google also answers questions about Charts Dashboards and other topics, and discusses the upcoming Apps Script hackathon in Austin. There will be another Apps Script Office Hours …

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Google Apps Script Gets Libraries And Versions

Google Apps Script is a powerful tool for automation. It has a few downsides like not being able to save certain queries that you might call for multiple scripts It also doesn’t make it easy to take changes to XML formats into account when updating old script. Google has a few ideas to make these processes a little easier. Gustavo …

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Google Releases Experimental Apps Script Dashboard

This is what I like about Google – they listen. Developers have been telling the company of a need for a tool that would let them monitor the health of their Apps Script. The company has heard the cry of those in need and the cries will not go unheeded. Google introduced the world today to the Apps Script Dashboard. …

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Google Makes Apps Script More Widely Available

Google has launched the Google Apps Script in Google Apps Standard Edition, meaning that it is much more broadly available now. Previously, it was only available in Google Apps Premier and Education editions. It was released back in the summer.

Google Apps Script starts in the spreadsheets of Google Docs. It lets you create sheets to read and change formulas, formats and cell contents, and lets you create custom functions so you can automate repetitive tasks.

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