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Google Adwords Account Snapshot Page

Hey Google Adwords I like the new snapshot page as a concept but it needs a little improvement.

Google Analytics Receives Upgrade

Google has rolled out a new version of its Google Analytics. The new version was announced today at the EMetrics Summit in San Francisco.

AdWords Puts Sites On Target

Site-targeted ad campaigns can use an advertiser’s budget more effectively by focusing on those niches where the audience will have a greater interest in the marketer’s message.

Taking Candy from a Baby

The new Starter Edition of Google AdWords offers a solution to advertisers who don’t have the time or the money to spend on creating an effective PPC campaign… Right?

Demographic Targeting with Google AdWords

On the heels of MSN AdCenter’s demographic profiling aspirations, Google AdWords now offers demographic site selection with gender, age, and household income as the demographic categories available. The demographic information comes from ComScore. h/t Andy