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Google To Disconnect GOOG-411
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For more than three and a half years, GOOG-411 has represented a great way for people with feature phones (and even smartphones) to look up and contact businesses; users just had to dial 1-800-GOOG-411, give a company’s name and city, and be connected.  Unfortunately, Google will soon stop offering the service.

Google Gets Serious About 411

Thomsom, maker of GE-branded telephones, has teamed up with Google to release a number of GE phones with a prominent GOOG-411 button above the keypad.

Pressing the button will call Google’s toll free voice controlled business search service.

GOOG-411 Advertised By Billboard

Google is one of the last companies you might expect to buy a billboard, and Olean, New York, is one of the last places you might expect a tech company to advertise.  Nonetheless, Google’s put an ad up in Oleans, and it’s for an out-of-the-way product: GOOG-411.

Experiment with GOOG-411

Google recently released their new Voice Local Search in beta, also known as “GOOG-411″, and I thought I’d kick the tires a bit. They also mentioned it on their new Google Lat Long Blog.