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Twitter Is Buying Gnip To Make Data More Accessible

Twitter announced on Tuesday that it has entered into an agreement to acquire Gnip, a social data provider that’s been a Twitter partner for quite some time. Twitter says Gnip has played a “crucial role” in collecting and digesting Twitter’s public data as the platform has grown to over 500 million tweets per day. Gnip CEO Chris Moody explains in …

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Tumblr And Gnip Partner Up To Offer Data Firehose

Tumblr is a pretty big deal these days. In January, it hit a major threshold by announcing that the site sees 15 billion pageviews a month. That’s a lot of posts to sift through if you want to find major trends. That’s why Gnip and Tumblr are partnering up to offer marketing folks a data firehose. Gnip announced via their …

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Twitter Sells Past Tweets For Reference

Twitter is now offering access to 30 days of historical tweets through Gnip. The service, called 30-Day Replay, would be a handy tool for companies that already keep an eye on their social media presence but need to do some comparisons to older items that they were not aware of. Gnip describes the serve on their blog and offers this …

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Twitter Sells Data, Provides Analytics, Gives Users “Reputation Scores”

There are some interesting things going on with Twitter this week, and while they may not be as sexy as Facebook’s news, they could have a pretty big impact on the way Twitter is used by developers and marketers. 

The Data

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