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Gmail Stages “Email Intervention” To Save People From Outdated Email Gmail Stages “Email Intervention” To Save People From Outdated Email
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Google has just launched a campaign to attract more users to its already popular Gmail service. It asks current Gmail users to “save their friends from outdated email” by helping them jump on board the Gmail train. The way to …

Google Talks About Possible Upcoming Features for Google+ Google Talks About Possible Upcoming Features for Google+
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As I mentioned in a recent post, one interesting component of Google+ is Google’s own use of it for feedback and communication with users. Various Googlers have been using it as a tool to seek out user perception and creative …

Gmail Plans New Ways To Help Organize Your Inbox Gmail Plans New Ways To Help Organize Your Inbox
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The last major inbox organizational update that Gmail introduced was the Priority Inbox, and it has gone over pretty well with users. Now, Google has announced that they will be rolling out several new inbox styles so that you can …

Gmail Shows Users More Info About Senders Gmail Shows Users More Info About Senders
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Google has decided to start showing more information to Gmail users about who email is actually coming from. It’s that you’re getting new information exactly, but more that it’s just more readily visible. When you get a message from someone …

Father’s Day Reminder Leads To Misguided Google Attacks Father’s Day Reminder Leads To Misguided Google Attacks
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Apparently, Google is now filling the void of punching bag, a place companies like Microsoft, most famously, has resided for some time. Now, it seems that label has fallen to Google. If Google does something that’s even remotely misconstrued, an …

Report Looks at Just How Important Email is To Google, Microsoft and Yahoo Report Looks at Just How Important Email is To Google, Microsoft and Yahoo

Pingdom has put together an interesting report looking at just how important webmail is for the three companies that dominate it – Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo. Citing data from Alexa, the firm finds that Gmail makes up 23% of the …

Gmail Updates Themes, Recipient Suggestions Gmail Updates Themes, Recipient Suggestions
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Google announced two updates to Gmail today – background themes and email recipient suggestions. First up, your backgrounds.  For a while now, Google has given Gmail users the ability to change their backgrounds using pre-made themes like ninjas and space.  …

Russia to Ban Skype, Gmail? Russia to Ban Skype, Gmail?
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Russian Internet News Roundup: Skype, Gmail Ban Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB) is set to propose a ban on the popular sites Skype, Hotmail and Gmail.  The FSB is concerned that since the services use foreign made encryption technology, their …

April Fools Gmail Motion Prank From Google: Hilarious April Fools Gmail Motion Prank From Google: Hilarious
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Gmail Motion, one of Google’s numerous April Fools gags, has captured the imagination of the web. Google says Gmail Motion uses your computer’s webcam and the company’s “patented spatial tracking technology” to detect your movements and translate them into meaningful …

Gmail Targeted Ads Coming Soon
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Some of you might have noticed a message at the top of your Gmail inbox, just below the search bar that says, “Coming Soon: Better Ads in Gmail.” This notification, which will slowly roll out to all Gmail users, signals …

Google Talk Guru Launched in Google Labs
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Google has a new Google Labs experiment out called Talk Guru. Google describes it as: Application intended for chat (IM) users, including users using chat clients on low-end phones, allowing them to answer simple web queries from the context of …

Gmail for iPhone Gets Connection Bar

Honestly, most people will do anything to avoid running apps through Safari.  If there is a way to launch directly from the home screen, it will be found.  I am most definitely one of those people.  There is one exception …

Gmail Gets Click-To-Call Tech
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The next time someone emails you a phone number, calling them may – depending on what sort of software and hardware accessories your computer’s equipped with – become a little simpler.  Google’s integrated its click-to-call tech with Gmail in order …

Google Adds Smart Labels To Gmail

Google has introduced a new feature in Gmail Labs called Smart Labels, which are aimed at helping users classify and organize email. Users can turn on the new feature on the Labs tab in Settings, Smart Labels then organize incoming …

Google Loses Gmail Users’ Email, Says It Will Be Back in Hours
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Some Gmail users have had some problems over the last day or so. Email messages have gone missing, along with labels, themes and other personalized settings. Google is working on fixing this. 

While only a small percentage of Google users was affected, that still accounts for thousands of users –  tens of thousands, according to ComputerWorld, who estimates the number to be about 35,000. 

Google Apps Users Get New Gmail Contacts Features

Google announced that it’s rolling out an updated version of Gmail Contacts for Google Apps. In addition to improvements made to Contacts for regular Gmail users last summer, the new version comes equipped with some business-specific features. 

Google Makes Users Accounts More Secure

Google has introduced its opt-in security feature called 2-step verification to all users in an effort to make their accounts more secure.

The 2-step verification includes your password and code you get via your phone.  The Google Blog provides more details.




Google Brings Priority Inbox To Gmail For Mobile
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Google said today it is bringing its Priority Inbox feature to Gmail for mobile users.

Priority Inbox allows users to automatically flag important messages and reduce clutter. It was previously only available for the desktop and on Android devices.




Verizon Now Offering Google Apps For Small Business

Verizon said today it will begin offering Google Apps with its broadband service for small and medium-sized businesses.

Google Apps for Verizon features Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Docs and Google Sites.  Google Apps for Verizon provides three free user accounts and is available to businesses that subscribe to a bundle consisting of Verizon Internet service.


Google Enables “Cloud Printing On The Go”
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Let’s face it: smartphone adoption isn’t close to universal, and the average non-student probably doesn’t print documents on a regular basis.  But today, Google launched Google Cloud Print for mobile documents and Gmail for mobile, an interesting service that introduces new options concerning when and where people can print.

Gmail Labs Get Search Feature

The point of a laboratory is to facilitate testing.  The average chemist might not get too far if he was just presented with a jumble of beakers, however, and similarly, Gmail Labs has been getting pretty messy.  A new feature promises to fix that issue.