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German Court Rules Students Can Rate Teachers Online

The German High Court ruled on Tuesday that students my rate their teachers online, rejecting a case of a woman who maintained her rights had been infringed by pupils who gave her bad grades on a popular website.

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Germany Gives Street View Go-Ahead
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Sooner, rather than later, you may be able to drop a certain orange-yellow man onto a map of Germany and then look at the scenery as if you were standing on some of the country’s highways and roads.  It appears that Google and Germany have finally come to an agreement over Google Street View. 

Turkey Has The Most Engaged Internet Users In Europe

More than 17 million people in Turkey accessed the Internet from a home or work location in April, viewing an average of 3,044 pages per visitor, according to comScore.

Of the 17 European countries individually reported by comScore, Germany’s online audience was the largest with 40 million visitors in April, followed by the U.K. (36.8 million visitors), and France (36.3 million visitors).

Google Street View Faces Scrutiny In Germany
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Google said Wednesday it had met demands by German privacy watchdogs over its Street View service, which offers photographs of buildings in cities taken from street level.

Johannes Caspar, who heads the data protection agency for the Hamburg area, had given Google a Wednesday deadline to allow property owners to opt out of being photographed for Street View.

YouTube Germany Pulls Music Videos
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German users of YouTube have, like the rest of us, been subjected to the upside-down display prank Google scheduled for April 1st.  Unfortunately for them, music videos have also been pulled from the German version of the site, and this move looks to be serious and long-lasting. 

The Online Video Picture in Germany

comScore today provided some interesting insight into online video use in Germany. Among their findings was that the country had 28 million online video viewers watching over 3 billion videos in December.

Google sites completely dominated the market share at 51%. 1.7 billion videos were viewed on YouTube alone over the month. Here’s a look at where other web properties ranked:

LinkedIn Continues Language Expansion
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Last summer professional social network LinkedIn began its internationalization efforts by launching a Spanish language version. Then in November they launched a French version. Now LinkedIn is introducing a German version, appropriately called LinkedIn auf Deutsch.

Facebook Growing Fast In Germany, Italy
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Central Europe loves Facebook.  Or parts of it do, anyway.  Although the social network didn’t really start releasing versions in different languages until March of this year, new reports put Facebook’s growth in two countries in the triple digits.

German Politician Thinks Better Of Blocking Wikipedia
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German Left Party politician Lutz Heilmann didn’t like some of the claims printed in a Wikipedia article about him.  As a result, Heilmann filed an injunction against the German version of the site, caused a massive outcry, and has now backed down in the face of all the attention.

German Court Comes Down On Google’s Thumbnail Images

Either Google Germany’s lawyers aren’t up to snuff, or they’re just stuck in a really hostile environment.  Regardless, a new report indicates that two court rulings would have Google stop showing certain thumbnail images in its search results.

Germans Seek To Block Google Street View
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Aspects of Google are pretty popular in Germany; the latest comScore data indicates, for example, that it’s cornered 79.8 percent of the country’s search market.  Google Street View is being looked at in a different light, however, and may hit a show-stopping barrier in the town of Molfsee.

Google Chrome Gets Slapped Around in Germany

It doesn’t get any more “official” than this here. Yesterday, Saturday at around 20:07, Germany’s oldest and perhaps biggest prime time news Tagesschau announced the following under the headline “Warning against internet browser"*:

Internet Has Almost Double The Influence Of TV
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In the UK, Germany, and France the Internet has about double the influence of television when it comes to consumer decision making according to the Digital Influence Index, a study done by Fleishman-Hillard and Harris Interactive.

The study found that consumers use the Internet in a number of ways to make decisions. Consumers are more likely to seek opinions of others by visiting social media and product rating sites when making choices that have a major personal impact.

Google Gives Up Gmail Name In Germany

After years of trying to wrest the rights to the Gmail name away from a German businessman, Google decided to abandon the fight.

German Investors Turning To Social Networks

Private investors and venture capital firms in Germany are looking to social networks when they make investments according to a study.

Angel investors, who usually invest their own funds, said about 41percent of their capital goes towards social networks, a study of 539 investments in 2008 of 49 investors, and venture capital firms revealed.

The German Digital Divide

Germany, Europe’s biggest economy, is experiencing a digital divide, according to German industry association Bitkom.

Western German states, including Hesse and Bavaria, have the majority of Internet addresses ending in the German ".de" country code domain, with the country’s five former Communist eastern states landing at the bottom of the list.

Google Temporarily Inaccessible In Germany

A few inches of snow are supposed to fall on Lexington, Kentucky today, and if history is any indicator, everything will cease to work.  Yesterday, folks in Germany had it comparatively easy – only Google didn’t function.

Google Temporarily Inaccessible In Germany

German Startups Imitated Tribbles In 2007

We know, we know – it’s almost March.  But a story a story relating to what ended a few months ago just emerged, and it turns out that in comparison to 2006, the number of German Internet companies created in 2007 more than tripled.

Habeas Gives Hand To German Email Marketers

Email reputation service provider Habeas has partnered with eco, the whitelist provider in Germany and the Association of the German Internet industry.Habeas Gives Hand To German Email Marketers

Habeas identifies and certifies email marketers who comply with a set of standards and a code of conduct relevant to the European market. This reduces the time Internet Service Providers (ISPs) spend determining if the sender should be included on a whitelist.

YouTube Increases Maximum File Size
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One of my chief complaints about YouTube has always related to the crappy video quality.  It now looks like I’ll have to find something else to whine about – the site has increased its limit on files’ sizes by a factor of ten, and files’ lengths still can’t exceed ten minutes.

New Data Retention Laws in Germany

Last week, Germany’s ruling parties – a coalition of SPD & CDU, with efforts in the digital area recently spearheaded by minister of interior Wolfgang Schäuble (pictured) – passed a bill for new data retention laws*.