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You Probably Shouldn’t Masturbate In A School Hallway If You Want To Remain A Teacher

It must be hard being a teacher. It must be even harder when you’re a substitute teacher – an unfamiliar face in a hostile environment. Despite all that, they put on a brave face and keep the class in order while the regular teacher is out. For that, we give them our thanks. Our thanks doesn’t give them free reign …

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People Are Living Longer – Especially Women

It has long been the case that the average life expectancy for women has been higher than for men. Whatever the cause for this discrepancy, a new study has once again confirmed that women tend to be longer-lived. The study, published today in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society, shows that women could make up over 85% of those …

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Hip Implants Trial Against Johnson & Johnson Begins

The first of many lawsuits filed against Johnson & Johnson over the company’s 2010 recall of hip replacements has begun in Los Angeles. According to a Reuters report, 66-year-old Loren Kransky is alleging that Johnson & Johnson subsidiary DePuy knew their implants could release metal into patients’ bodies. DePuy contends that Kransky was a life-long smoker with diabetes and kidney …

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ePrognosis.org Can Predict Your Life Expectancy

If you’re one of the many that has Googled information on disease and/or symptoms in search of explanation for what may be ailing you, you probably found out that you are dying of every horrific illness ever. Probably tomorrow. Necrotizing fasciitis? Got it. Cornelia de Lange syndrome? Got it. Rabies? Got it. Werner syndrome? Got it. Brocha’s aphasia? Got it. …

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