Twitter Turns Tweets into Crazy Elevation Maps

Twitter Turns Tweets into Crazy Elevation Maps

By Josh Wolford June 28, 2013 | 2 Comments

Twitter has just unveiled an awesome new data visualization. The premise is simple – they took billions of geotagged tweets and turned them into an elevation map. But the execution is beautiful. Right now, there are three cities available to …

Discover Your City’s Ratio Of Inane To Useful Tweets With Twaddler Discover Your City’s Ratio Of Inane To Useful Tweets With Twaddler

Twitter, like many social networks, log their posts with geographic tags. The company has allowed users to enable tweeting with your location for a while now, and many users routinely send out geotagged tweets. If a user has enable location-based …

U.S. Army Warns Soldiers About Geotagging U.S. Army Warns Soldiers About Geotagging

Location tagging poses plenty of problems for civilians. Let’s say you told your boss that you were sick, but instead had plans to catch a Yankees game. In that case, you probably don’t want your next post popping up on …

Google Makes it Easier to Tell Where Results Originate From
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Google has begun including geographical region information on some search results. The information is used when supplied by webmasters, and appears in the green address line on the results that include it.

Twitter Makes Geotagging Tweets Possible

Back in the summer, Twitter announced that it was working on an API to give developers the ability to geotag tweets. The company has now made that available.

There is no geotagging on Twitter.com yet, but Twitter apps will now be able to support it. So potentially, you will be able to geotag tweets and show the location from where you tweeted.

Google Adding Geotagging to Blogger

Google’s Blogger has addd a feature to the new post editor in Blogger in Draft. Blogger in Draft is a special version of Blogger where they try out new features before they release them to everyone. Kind of like Google Labs. With geotagging, you can add a location to your each of your blog posts, like with time stamps.

Yahoo Looks At Geographical Relationships

Yahoo’s taking its geo services to the next level, and along the way, the company’s offering everyone a preview.  The Yahoo Internet Location Platform essentially figures out the relationships between different cities, states, and countries.

New Flickr Features To Launch Today

Exactly one month ago, we wrote about two upcoming improvements to Flickr.  Both features relate to geotagging, and according to a fresh email from a company spokesperson, “[b]oth features will go live mid-day today Pacific Time.”

FireEagle Geotagging Platform from Yahoo

A new social network isn’t Yahoo’s only announcement today.

Yahoo FireEagle To Enable Geolocation

Fights over the search market are far from over, but companies appear to have picked out the mobile market as their next battleground.  And with a service known as FireEagle, Yahoo might well gain an early advantage on this front.

Flickr Prepares Geotagging Improvements

Flickr’s known for having an enthusiastic fan base.  Look for users to be a little on edge, then, as they await the newest updates: geotagging improvements.

ShoZu Adds Geotagging for Flickr, YouTube…

Oh man… while away I almost missed out in this announcement. It involves some of my favorite web services and one of the coolest, free mobile apps around.

What do you get when you combine Shozu mobile uploading app with YouTube, Flickr, and then throw in Geotagging too??

Well, you get a kick-ass application that any smartphone would be an idiot to ndo without! Shozu has recently added all this capability to their latest and its amazing.

Geotagging Takes A Bow At Flickr

Flickr, which describes itself as “almost certainly the best online photo management and sharing application in the world,” added a feature today that makes the site’s lead even more of a sure thing. Called geotagging, this feature allows users to sort (and search) photos by place.