Chevron Readies Apple Pay At The Pump

Chevron Readies Apple Pay At The Pump

By Chris Crum December 30, 2014

One day in the not too distant future, you may be able to pay for gas at Chevron stations with your iPhone right at the pump. Chevron recently tweeted this (via MacRumors): @SingAsana We are working alongside Apple to develop …

Analysts are expecting gas prices to rise Analysts are expecting gas prices to rise

If you are going to be traveling, especially this weekend, you can plan on seeing gas prices at the pump ranging anywhere from 10 to 20 cents more per gallon. With this being a peak time for travel in the …

Oil Prices Rise By $2, Egyptian Unrest Partially To Blame Oil Prices Rise By $2, Egyptian Unrest Partially To Blame

Oil prices are volatile as always. The situation in Egypt isn’t making things easier as the violence in the country is causing the price to go up. Reuters reports that oil prices jumped by $2 on Friday – the biggest …

New York Gas Rationing Begins in Storm’s Wake New York Gas Rationing Begins in Storm’s Wake


New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg this week signed an emergency order establishing gas rationing throughout the city. The implemented system uses odd-even license plate numbers to designate alternating days on which customers can purchase gasoline and diesel fuel. Commercial …

BP Recalls Gas After Motorists Rack up Huge Repair Bills BP Recalls Gas After Motorists Rack up Huge Repair Bills

BP this week issued a recall on a 50,000 barrel batch of gasoline shipped to Northwestern Indiana fuel distributors. The recall covers all unleaded regular gas shipped from the Whiting, Indiana fuel storage terminal between August 13 – 17. In …

Study: The High Cost of Gasoline Study: The High Cost of Gasoline

How many times have you personally made the choice to not go on a trip or made dinner plans around how much gas you are going to spend in the process. You have probably heard this and said it your …

Searches For Cheap Gas (Sort Of) Unite Society

Gas prices aren’t as bad now as they have been in the past, but they’re certainly not good.  And as usual, search trends have mirrored real-life events, and queries for “cheap gas” and the like have skyrocketed.

Gas, Air, Clean Windshield, and Now Google Maps

Today is a big day for my brother-in-law David. Today is the day that he officially becomes a Google expert.

Google To Offer Directions At Gas Pump

Drivers who are lost will soon be able to turn to Google. The company will begin offering driving directions at 3,500 gasoline pumps across the United States next month.

Gas Prices Aren’t Driving Comparison Searches
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One might think the rise in US gas prices would spur people to race to the Web for pricing information and hybrid car details. One would be wrong to think these things.

Yahoo Going Carbon Neutral

At our quarterly all-hands meeting a little while ago, Yahoo co-founders David and Jerry announced that Yahoo is going carbon neutral this year.

Microsoft: Faster Computers = Cheaper Gas

Research firms and think tanks are constantly looking for new ways to process oil in order to increase gasoline production, given the world’s dependence on the valuable commodity. Analyzing chemical bonds and refining techniques, however, many not be the only solution when it comes to achieving optimum efficiency.

MapQuest Has Gas. Prices, That Is

Online driving direction and map finder MapQuest has added tools to help people find per-gallon prices that do the least damage to one’s bank account.

Gas Prices Spike Searches For Hybrids

Gas prices reaching $2.90-$3.00 per gallon appear are the boiling point that pushes consumers onto the Internet to research some peace of mind, according Hitwise. Searches for [gas prices] and [hybrid] soar at those prices, as does traffic to energy sites.

Microsoft Gets Gas Pump

TechWeb writes that the winner of Microsoft’s 2006 OEM Embedded Patner of the Year at their Mobile & Embedded DevCon is gas pump that runs Windows CE.

My Final Thoughts on CES

I was just talking with Buzz. We’re both exhausted. I didn’t do much of anything until late in the afternoon today.

Net Access Could Be A Real Gas

For anyone who thinks blogs are a load of hot air, the next potential Internet connectivity option could make that a more realistic point of view; natural gas pipes will be the latest way to carry broadband signals.