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Foursquare Might’ve Just Made Swarm Fun

Last May, popular location app Foursquare announced that they would be splitting the core functions of the app in two, creating an entirely new app called Swarm that mostly dealt with check-ins, friends, and the real “social” aspects of Foursquare. But to many longtime Foursquare users who loved the gamification elements of the app, there was a problem with Swarm. …

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Tic-Tac-Go Scales Up Classic Game by Turning It into a Check in-Driven Scavenger Hunt

It’s highly likely that you’ve spent countless school days, work meetings, and beach hangouts casually scribbling games of tic-tac-toe. It’s highly unlikely that you’ve ever played it like this. A new app called Tic-Tac-Go mixes tic-tac-toe with city hopping, check-ins, and photo sharing to provide a fun and unique take on the classic game. It’s a location-based scavenger hunt, where …

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‘Gamification Revolution’ Author Gabe Zichermann Talks At Google

Author Gabe Zichermann recently stopped by the Googleplex to discuss his latest book, “Gamification Revolution.” Google has made the talk available on YouTube: “Gamification: It’s the hottest new strategy in business, and for good reason–it’s helping leading companies create unprecedented engagement with customers and employees,” Google says in the video description. “Gamification uses the latest innovations from game design, loyalty …

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Pluck 5.1 Goes Live, Adds Pinterest Integration

If you run a business or a successful brand, chances are you use social media to get the word out about newest products and offers. There are multiple services out there that help brands get the most out of social media. Facebook just recently announced its rebranded Preferred Marketing Developer program, but some brands may want help in marketing across …

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