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Xbox One And PS4 On Sale This November

It’s almost Christmas time again and for gamers that means going to great lengths to get their hands on one of the new must-have, next-gen video game consoles. On Nov. 15, Sony will release the PS4 while Microsoft will release the Xbox One on Nov. 22 – one week before Black Friday. Did you pre-order? If the answer to that …

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Taiwanese Corpse Among Gamers At Internet Cafe

If you’re gaming hardcore for a few hours you can feel dead tired afterwards. Well, apparently one guy really was dead tired after his game session, but I’m placing more emphasis on the dead part rather than tired. While playing video games, a Taiwanese man died of cardiac arrest due to low temperatures. It was reported that the man checked …

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100 Year-old Woman Says Video Games Are Secret To Youth

Bridge? She won’t have it. Canasta? No thank you. Shuffleboard? Certainly not. Kathleen Connell A.K.A. Kit just turned 100 years old. . .er, young I should say, but she’s not letting that slow her down one measly bit. Kit is as sharp as a tack and she credits her mental acuity to video games. Kit is a regular player of …

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