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Thor: The Dark World Gets A Mobile Game Tie-In

Since the beginning of the games industry, the console market has been flooded every summer with cheap movie tie-ins. That all changed a few years ago as the market for those kind of games collapsed. Movie studios ever eager to make a quick buck off of clueless parents then turned to mobile, and almost every major Hollywood blockbuster now has …

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Iron Man 3 Suits Up On Mobile Devices Next Week

Iron Man 3 premiers in theaters on May 3. Before the theatrical release, Gameloft will be giving mobile gamers a taste of the action with its latest mobile game tie-in. Iron Man 3 – The Official Game – is a freemium title for iOS and Android that gives players the chance to use 18 of Iron Man’s most iconic suits …

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Gameloft Prepares 11 Games For BlackBerry 10

BlackBerry 10, especially the Z10, is RIM’s BlackBerry’s best chance of getting back the average consumer. Of course, any good smartphone needs apps and BlackBerry 10 will launch with 70,000 of them. Joining those apps will be a number of games from Gameloft’s portfolio. Gameloft, developer of popular mobile titles like Ice Age Village and My Little Pony, announced today …

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Visit Equestria With My Little Pony Games Hitting Mobile Later This Year

It was announced a while ago that Zynga and Hasbro had entered into a partnership to bring some of Zynga’s more famous games to life via board games and toys. Many people thought that the partnership would go both ways with Zynga making games based on established Hasbro franchises. Turns out that was not the case with Gameloft announcing their …

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