Olivia Wilde Helps Others By Being Consciously Fashionable

Olivia Wilde Helps Others By Being Consciously Fashionable

By Jasmine Allen January 7, 2014 | 1 Comment

Olivia Wilde, 29, is taking Hollywood philanthropy to another level. The “Cowboys and Aliens” actress, who is also a first-time mom-to-be, has been working on elevating a benevolent online business that blends charity and fashion into one. Conscious Commerce, also …

Craigslist Founder Starts Donation Campaign Using Twitter Craigslist Founder Starts Donation Campaign Using Twitter

If you’ve ever sold or purchased goods, searched for a job, looked for an apartment, cruised for a hook-up, or generally used the Internet for anything, you’ve likely at least heard of craigslist.org if not used it yourself. Despite being …

London Riot Victim Gets Social Media Help To Fix Destroyed Barbershop London Riot Victim Gets Social Media Help To Fix Destroyed Barbershop

Social media has been an integral part of the riots in England, both for good and for bad. Though many blame quick, wide-scale communication for mobilizing and then prolonging the riots, social media has also been a tool for good. …

Goodwill Launches Job Training Campaign On eBay

The Goodwill said today it is launching a fundraising campaign on eBay to help people find and keep jobs.

In partnership with eBay Giving Works, eBay’s charity fundraising program, from February 7 to 13, Goodwill will be a featured nonprofit on eBay, offering people the opportunity to buy, sell or donate to support Goodwill’s job training programs. Dress for Success and the National Federation of the Blind will also be featured in February as part of the same campaign.


Salvation Army Launches iPhone App

The Salvation Army has launched a new free iPhone application in an effort to improve its fundraising for its Red Kettle Campaign.

Developed by Charity Dynamics, the Online Red Kettle iPhone app allows people to do their own fundraising campaigns on behalf of the Salvation Army.


(Red), Bono’s Fundraising Program Starts Dec. 1st

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Obama’s Online Fundraising Impresses


For better or for worse, Ron Paul still doesn’t get much coverage in the mainstream media, and he hasn’t done extraordinarily well in the primaries, either.  But in other ways, the Internet has had a major influence on all the political hoo-ha, and Barack Obama’s fundraising is the latest example of this.Obama's Online Fundraising Impresses

Hilary And Mitt Making A Mint

Another useful service has emerged from OpenSecrets.org, the site that tracks Congressional fundraising, with a look at how Presidential candidates spend what they have earned.

The Process of Fundraising and Making Sausage

On April 28th we held a contest for the first blogger to post five details of the Series B Socialtext closed. Now, the details are out in our local paper. Socialtext raised a $3.1 million Series B round led by Tim Draper at DFJ that closed on April 15th.

Recurring Payments: An Important Fundraising Tool for Charities

As a nation, we have always derived great benefit from the charitable impulses of philanthropists – individuals who felt a strong sense of obligation to their fellow man, sharing their financial resources in an all-out effort to help others. During times of tragedy, such as the September 11th incident, charitable giving notably increases to help assuage our collective suffering.