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Japan’s Fukushima – Is It Still A Threat?
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March 11, 2011 is the date the biggest nuclear power disaster in history began. The Fukushima Dalichi Power Plant fell into major meltdown mode after a record 9.0-magnitude earthquake and subsequent tsunami engulfed entire neighborhoods and villages including the nuclear …

Fukushima Leak Causes Further Setbacks Fukushima Leak Causes Further Setbacks
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As if residents of Japan’s northeast coast haven’t Fukushima has suffered another leak. This time, 430 liters of contaminated and radioactive water leaked into the ocean. Tokyo Electric Power Company says that this water is thousands of times more radioactive …

Radioactive Tuna from Japan Make Their Way to California
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Radioactive tuna, which are thought to have been contaminated by the severely damaged Fukushima power plant, have started quickly working their way to the California coast. Levels of radioactive cesium have been much higher in specimens than recent years, leading …